Aileen Wuornos – A Monster with Female Face

aileen wuornos

A serial killer, technically correct, is someone who murders at least two people at different times in separate occurrences.

While there is no legal definition of “serial murder,” the acts of serial murderers have frequently been exploited by the press and public consciousness—especially when there are multiple victims or the killings are carried out in a horrible manner.

Regardless of the fact that women serial killers are regarded to be rarer than male serial murderers, they do exist. A gut-wrenching example of this is Aileen Wuornos!

Sex work is not only illegal, but it is also highly hazardous. People look down on prostitutes and strippers and try to take advantage of them in order to gain more wealth for their activities. Wuornos has seen this takes place before and finally took matters back to her old clutches by killing.

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However, by the time she was charged with murder, the woman had a long felony conviction. Wuornos has been on a bleak path since she was a child, stemming from a terrible upbringing.

Childhood and Upbringing of Aileen Wuornos

aileen wuornos - female serial killer

This is a haunting tale of Aileen Wuornos!

Wuornos was born to teenage parents and never met her dad, who was in prison at the time of her birth. Her mom left her and her brother when she was four years old, leaving them with Wuornos’ maternal grandparents. However, there was a lot of sexual abuse in the home.

Aileen Wuornos was sexually mature by the time she was in elementary school, bartering sexual services for drugs, smokes, and meals.

Wuornos was also having sexual relations with her brother, and her grandpa continued to sexually abuse her.

Then happened the most disturbing and disgusting event that no child would ever imagine in their wildest dreams!

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Aileen Wuornos became pregnant before the age of 14 thanks to her grandpa!

As no other options, she gave the kid up for adoption.

Origin of Malfeasance

Aileen Wuornos attempted to flee her life at the age of 20 by traveling to Florida and marrying a 69-year-old man called Lewis Fell.

Fell was a prosperous businessman who worked as the head of a sailing club in his semi-retirement. Wuornos moved in with him and began causing problems with the police right away.

She would frequently leave the house she lived in Fell to go out and carouse in a nearby pub, where she would frequently get into conflicts.

She also assaulted Fell, who later claimed she assaulted him by slapping him in the face with his own walking stick. Aileen Wuornos was forced to return to Michigan to apply for an annulment after only 10 weeks of the wedding after her old spouse obtained a restraining order against her.

Aileen Wuornos’s brother (with whom she had an illicit affair) died of throat cancer about this time. Wuornos took out a $10,000 life insurance payout, used some of the cash to cover a DUI penalty, and then used the rest to buy a luxury automobile, which she smashed while driving intoxicated.

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Aileen Wuornos went to Florida after the funds run out and began being arrested for stealing again.

She was sentenced to prison for an assault and robbery in which she seized $35 and a pack of smokes.

Wuornos was jailed in 1986 while selling sex after one of her clients said she had pulled a revolver on him in the car and tried to steal.

In 1987, she settled in with Tyria Moore, a hotel worker who became her lover and associate in criminality. Police detained the two on several instances for harassment charges.

Wuornos, on the other hand, professed to be in love with Moore right up until her death.

“Self-Defense” Murders

Aileen Wuornos told contradictory versions regarding her assassinations. She alleged to have been the sufferer of rape or sexual assault with each and every man she murdered at times.

She acknowledged attempting to rob them at previous times. Her narrative altered depending on who she was speaking with.

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Then she began her profession as a serial killer in 1989, killing numerous of her customers who were either brutally raping her or attempting to do so.

Before he was assassinated, the first victim, Richard Mallory, had been a convicted rapist. Wuornos says in court that he was the only one who genuinely raped her.

Wuornos would kill six more men who attempted to rape her when she was contacted for prostitution over the next year.

Wuornos’ fingerprints were found on the victims’ hocked items and in their cars, and authorities were able to recognize her as the murderer since she had a criminal record in Florida.

The Execution Of Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos was arrested on January 9th, 1991, and accused of Mallory’s killing. Moore extracted a statement from Wuornos in exchange for protection, assuring her that it would clear Moore’s reputation. Wuornos was convicted and sentenced to death a year later.

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Wuornos was then charged with the killings of the six other men over the end of 1992 and the beginnings of 1993 she was sentenced to death 5 more times.

Wuornos was classified as a psychopathic with schizophrenia during her trial. This was deemed unrelated to her offenses, but it did reveal the fundamental fragility that allowed Wuornos to escape from her jail cell.

She approached the court directly in 2001, requesting that her punishment be accelerated.

Aileen Wuornos said her body was being targeted by a superweapon of some type, citing cruel and brutal living standards.

Her court-appointed counsel tried to persuade Wuornos that she was illogical, but Wuornos refused. She not only confessed to the murders once more, but she also sent the following to the court as a memorandum for the record:

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“I’m sick of hearing about how insane she is. I’ve been assessed numerous times. I’m capable, reasonable, and I’m trying to be truthful. I am a person who despises human life and would murder again.”

Finally, Aileen Wuornos was put to death by lethal injection in 2002. She told her legal counsel in the years preceding her death to withdraw all pleas that would have changed her sentence, claiming that she would murder again and that she was mentally sufficient to do what she committed.

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