Area 51 Mysteries and Conspiracy Theories

UFO-area 51 mysteries

We do not know much about Area 51, do we? Whenever we hear about Area-51 the first thing that comes to our mind is, “Are Aliens Real?” Whether we admit it or not alien theories and Area 51 mysteries are connected in our minds.

The places or the things that we do not know much about create a curiosity inside our minds. Moreover, that curiosity is surrounded by the thirst for knowing the unknown.

Unknown secrets never fail to draw attention from us.

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Area-51! A hotbed of extraterrestrial activity or just your average run-of-the-mill maximum-security government facility?

It’s a question asked by every man and woman who has gazed upon that area which is secluded, layered, secret, and wondered- “What’s actually inside Area 51!” You can never find out the exact size of this Area-51.

Go ahead, google it, YouTube it, check Wikipedia. But, I guarantee you that you will never be going to find out the exact size of this area! From this information, you can assume how secretive this place can be!

A place that is restricted for civilians to enter who doesn’t know what is going on inside, people make weird assumptions that are not cleared over the years- An unknown place with the government to keep it an absolute secret, what can it be? What’s inside of it!

Are we prepared for the things that going on inside of it? Let’s get to know all of this!

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Area 51 Backstory

Nevada Test and Training Range at Groom Lake is the real name of Area-51.

In the early 1950’s US planes were conducting low flying recon missions over the USSR but there were constant worries of them being spotted and shot down.

Therefore, in 1954, President Eisenhower authorized the development of a top-secret, high altitude recon aircraft dubbed…. Project Aquatone. The project required a remote location that was not easily accessible to civilians or spies.

Area-51 suits the bill perfectly! Thus, the place was born; neither this place nor the makers knew this place would be such lime lighting for the mystery lovers.

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No one knows why this place is called exactly, Area-51. Do you guys know? If don’t, let me make you know a little about this.

One of many theories suggests it came from its proximity to the Nevada Nuclear Test Sites. This particular area was divided into several designated areas. Also, it was familiar territory for the military, as it had served World War 2 aerial gunnery range.

Area 51 Mysteries and Conspiracy Theories

Area-51 has been cloaked in mysteries for decades. The full scope of what is inside Area-51 hasn’t been released to the public yet.

Causing many to speculate that it is probably the Aliens. Speculation creates more and more Area 51 mysteries and conspiracies that have not found their destination.

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Everyone loves mysteries but what happens when your brain-wrenching mystery has not been solved yet. Can you sleep with just the theories or do you want to unveil them?

The enormous secrecy around a place creates a mysterious silence that people want to break. After all, only good conspiracy theories aren’t enough to put us asleep, isn’t it?

So let’s dig down deeper to check the ongoing Area 51 mysteries and conspiracy theories.


UFO-area 51 mysteries
Image by Pixabay

Do you know how the aliens were connected to this place?

Sightings of “unidentified flying objects” were started to be reported around Area 51, in 1995. Ummm, sounds suspicious, right! Sorry to disappoint you, the aliens did not accept our invitation to come on earth yet!

That’s because the U-2 aircraft’s testing was just started back that time by the air force. You probably heard that phrase- “Rumors fly”.

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Can you guess the flying height of the U-2? 60,000 ft. and more! Normal airliners were flying in the 10,000 to 20,000 ft range. While military topped out around 40,000 ft.

Therefore, if a pilot spotted a speck that was the U-2 high above it, they would have no idea what it was. In addition, they would let the air traffic controller know, “I think, there is someone out there!”

Now you see what people saw! These incidents led to the increase in UFO sightings in that area.

Time Travel and Teleportation

Not all area 51 mysteries and theories are related to aliens you know. I know you people love alien stories, but give it a rest! Now that time travel has taken the driving seat, let’s get to that!

The official line gears more toward being a secret engineering den where the US develops state of the art aircraft but there were widespread rumors about the base that it is used to be a test site for future technology which includes time travel and teleportation kind of things.

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The idea is that deep in Nevada there are hangers full of blueprints and prototypes that America is working on to stay ahead of their rivals.

If the stuff of science fiction ever to come true that will have been achieved at area 51 first.

Unknown Chemical 🧪

Aliens are not, there has to be some reason why area 51 is so secretive. Do you guys have any answer to that? Umm.. let’s find out.

Maybe the answer links back to an incident in 1994 when the base was the subject of an environmental lawsuit with outside contractors suing the air force and EPA allegedly while working on-site the contractors witnessed the burning of unknown chemicals, which led to them experiencing serious health issues and may have caused the death of two people.

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The government went to full security mode in response with President Clinton exempting area 51 from federal environmental laws and the secretory of the air force refusing to disclose what the materials were.

A memo released in 2005 suggested that the chemicals may have been related to developing Lockheed’s stealth aircraft. But it’s never been confirmed.

Although most of everything has to do with Area-51, there is no proof to substantiate that claim.

The Interrogation of Captured Aliens 👽

The Interrogation of Captured Aliens
Image by Flickr

And so, we are again starting on the aliens! The wildest rumors go around Area-51. It should not be surprising to you if I may tell you that, Area-51 serves as a prison of Alien sorts. Don’t be surprised!

With its cell filled by extraterrestrial neighbors who are allegedly interrogated behind walls of the secret base. I think you have guessed our mysterious neighbors who get special treatments behind those walls. Yes, I think my audience is quite smart. They are Aliens!

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If you want proof of these things, you can look at Bob Lazar who worked at a secret site just south of area 51. He claims to have glimpsed an Alien interrogation and seen top-secret documents detailing alien history on earth.

If we stick with Bob Lazar, he’s divulged more about alien ships and machines that are allegedly held at area-51. He further claimed he was brought to the site to reverse-engineer a flying saucer one of nine which were held at the time.

To people’s shock, he even mentioned the material that UFO was made out of stainless steel and stated it was fueled by atomic element 115 moscovia which according to Lazar is used to generate gravity waves.

Again there is no proof to back up the claims. I think you’ve gotta just trust him for now as we will unveil the reason by the end of this segment.

“Seems interesting to have a glimpse of Aliens. Let’s go and peek into some of Alien’s case studies. Will you come with me?

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Alien Autopsies

Alien Autopsies
Image by Pixabay

Yup! You get it right. The alien theories mount up and up. Rumors are included aliens being captured, them being prisoned, even their UFOs are also being investigated! Then why not split them apart and see if they resemble us from the inner section!

While scientists are trying to create a sort of alien hybrid for….Whatever reason (can’t think of any now)! The most famous rumor focus on one thing- Alien Autopsies! The legend of alien experiments at Area-51 lives forever in people’s hearts.

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The Majestic 12

The Majestic 12
Image from Hdclump

Alright, bear with us here. Because this has to be the biggest blowout in all Area-51 mysteries and conspiracy theories. Why is that? Coming up next with a twist that connects all dots…

Back in 1952, President Truman delegated the majestic 12, a secret committee made of 12 members who reportedly recovered and investigated pieces of alien spacecraft. And surprisingly, Area-51 was the home of that committee to operate their secret mission.

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But wait! It gets even better from here!

Some hardcore theorists believed that the 12 made eventually contact with aliens and invited them to meet the former president.

Then eventually the president made a contract with the extraterrestrials. So the theory goes, giving the US government exclusive access to alien technology and in exchange for the United States covering up the UFO sightings.

So, you see it there! It all comes together and created a whole picture that you presume to be rumors! Do you still believe it all a rumor?

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Final Words

Area-51 is a place full of mysteries that just creates a whole bunch of rumors that might be true or be just a stupid rumor.

But did you ever think if any of the above rumors are stand corrected what you will do! If you suddenly see a 4 ft. long, grey color Alien with three eyes, standing in front of you, would you ask him-“How was your journey in our world? I hope you didn’t have any problem finding us!”

Whatever the case is, if anyone out there at Area-51, our thoughts are with you-“You should leave that place, NOW!”

Do let us know which rumor you find truthful and logical. Should we make a segment on how to get in at Area-51 next or what are the top ten aliens currently living at Area-51!

The comment box is open for your opinions.

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