Mysterious Disappearances in Bermuda Triangle


You do not have to be a hardcore fan of Sherlock Holmes to solve puzzles and mysteries around yourself.

Who on earth doesn’t get attracted to a puzzle that is so vague in itself that it can submerge the whole universe’s mysteries in itself.

People love to solve mysteries and puzzles that they find twisted.

Some people believe there is nothing unexplored that remains in this world but the world doesn’t fail to surprise us.

Well, to know more about such a thing you have got the right place to peek into. We will give you an excellent opportunity to find your inner Holmes.

When you are tired of worldly responsibilities, office duties, and mismatched personal life, the first thing you wish for is to disappear and not to get in anyone’s hand.

But unfortunately, that wish of yours doesn’t get real as it’s far from yours and mine worldly reality. But what happens when I tell you about a place that will fulfill your most unheard wish of yours! Being disappear into thin air!

You heard me right this place can make tons of people, things disappear in a second and no one will ever get to know your whereabouts. I bet you on that!

Over the years, science has overcome many hardships that eventually made people’s life easier.

People have conquered Everest and visited Moon like Disneyland so many times, now people like Elon Musk planning to start a new life on Mars.

But still, the depth of the ocean is undiscovered.

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Well, in my today’s pick I have chosen a bizarre puzzle of the ocean that’s twisted in its way. A place that can make anything disappear without a trace – BERMUDA TRIANGLE, it is.

It will leave you scratching your head with its interestingly puzzling occurrences. So let’s not waste any more time and jump into the ocean of baffling- The Bermuda Triangle.

The Origin of the Bermuda Triangle

Is there a place on earth that has more myths than Bermuda Triangle! Negative.

Bermuda Triangle is the name of an area in the Sargasso Sea which can be outlined like a triangle.

At one corner in Miami, Florida, and at the other is the island of Bermuda, and at the third one is San Juan Puerto Rico.

Thus it makes a triangle shape island. The surroundings of the Bermuda Triangle are constantly traveled by various ships like cargo, and cruise ships.

These ships cross over the island, as it is a part of the busiest shipping route in the world.

The Airline also comes to the margin. But the bad reputation never fades. It is also an area of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by the above three places.

The actual range is debated some estimated coverage between 5,00,000 – 10,00,0000 square miles.

The Bermuda Triangle has a nickname called “The Devil’s Triangle” as the antics of this particular island were quite similar to any devil.

The term “Bermuda Triangle” actually did not come into use until 1964, which was coined by Vincent Gaddis for a cover story of GoSee magazine.

It was used to describe an area where there seems to be an uncommon amount of disappearance of ships and planes.

According to Time magazine, between 1946-1991 over 100 mysterious disappearances have had happened in such a short period.

Strangest Disappearances

Now clearly you can see how dangerous this place can be and why it can’t be a tourist spot? Nevertheless, if you are a mystery lover, this place can make on top of your final destination list.

Having said that, let’s jump off the cliff to the next interesting segment which is below down!

Christopher Columbus Acknowledgment (1492)

We all know Christopher Columbus as the ultimate explorer, he discovered places on the earth. Little did we know that he would also do the very first acknowledgment of the infamous Devil’s Island?

Allegedly, the very first Bermuda Triangle recorded accountant was made by Columbus. More ironically it was during his journey to discover America.

He was on his way to discovering the most famous and updated country in the world but he first encountered the opposite world of America which was Bermuda. What a coincidence!

While on the journey by the Bermuda Triangle, Columbus along with his team experienced some odd activities, Such as malfunctions of the ship’s compass, the mysterious lights howling over the sea, and the giant rough waves in the sea.

If you think this is not scary enough then hear this. He also admitted that at one point he might have seen a fireball fly through the sky.

What is the first thought that came to your mind! “It is ghost activities”. Well, we will break that theory a little later. Let’s uncover the next event.

Witchcraft (1967)

No! Don’t think of it as literal witchcraft-related stuff, although we would not be surprised if it was like that, would we?

When we think of Miami Beach, it soothes our souls. Who doesn’t like beaches! And if it is in Miami then why not take a walk on the beach.

On normal days the beach looks so good, then think it is a Christmas evening! How beautiful can it be looking with the decorative lights around it along with the beach vibe?

Well, that is what happened with Dan Burrack. He had a 23-foot-long luxury yacht named “Witchcraft”.

In 1967, on Christmas evening, He along with his father took a ride to explore the beauty of the beach in those Christmas decorations.

During the trip, Dan contacted the coastguard about something unusual about their boat and that there might be a chance that they collided with something with the boat. That’s why their engine was not working anymore. He also made it clear it was not an emergency.

Till then they sounded very calm and composed and their conversation also included that if any problem arrived before the arrival of the coastguard, they will fire a flare gun just to pass a signal.

After 19 minutes, the coastguard team arrived to help Dan and his father. But to their shock, they didn’t find any existence related to Witchcraft and its occupants.

Despite people’s extensive search, they remain missing to this very day.

One more twisting thing to mention, in between those 19 minutes, Burrack never fired any flare gun neither the coastguard nor the people on the beach saw that.

Then what could happen in between 19 minutes that made vanished two people along with their boat?

Can you run your brain horses to solve this twist?

Thus the Luxurious yacht Witchcraft vanished off the coast of Miami. What do you think?

Was some kind of witchcraft involved in “Witchcraft” or it is just a result of the Bermuda Triangle being close to them?

Douglas DC-3 (1948)

After knowing the Bermuda-associated stories and facts, how would you feel to take a flight that will cross over the Bermuda Triangle itself?

Will you take the flight knowing that you might be in history, named as a disappeared passenger? We’ll help you to decide on this segment.

In late December of 1948’s night, Captain Robert Lindquist was flying a Douglas DC-3 from San Juan Puerto Rico to Miami. There were 29 passengers among 3 cabin crew members.

It was a routine flight. But as it was going to fly over Bermuda, we as the audience already know what could have happened?

Everything was normally functioning. The event went bad when 50 miles of the American coast were crossed by the plane.

Captain tried to contact the airport about the inconvenience happening inside the plane. However, never could connect with them nor the airport could.

It was ultimately disappeared and never seen again, nor were the parts of the plane ever found.

Some said an explosion might have happened, others said electrical turbulence have happened, and some said the aircraft’s transmitter was faulty but no one could ever prove anything.

These incidents happening with planes around Bermuda Triangle are just a mere co-incident? I think not.

How much co-incidence can a place occur? Any relevant answers? Anyone?

The Carroll A. Deering (1921)

The Carroll A. Deering
Image by Snappygoat

What will happen if you find a schooner ship in a wrecked situation, near a seacoast? Which mysteriously vanished a long time ago and now mysteriously appeared somewhere else?

The ship is empty and no piece of soul you will eventually find in that, but you can see that some unfortunate happened there that might let the people to suffer terribly? What could be the worst that you can think about it? Let me not keep you waiting anymore.

It started its sailing in North Atlantic Ocean, often crossed by the Bermuda Triangle.

This is a creepy story of Carroll A. Deering that remains popular because of its infamous occurrence.

On January 21, 1921, the ship was sighted in North Carolina by a lightship patrolling over there.

It was visualized that the ship was abandoned and of course, the crew didn’t leave the ship in pleasure.

When the investigators started their investigation, they found the damage to the ship and discovered the distressed signal from the crew was lit repeatedly, suggesting that they were in a very erratically terrible situation.

The investigators also found out that the lifeboats and crew’s personal belongings were missing.

An intensive investigation was launched but soon in 1922 after not finding enough evidence the investigation was concluded. Most people theorize that it might be a case of riot after they sailed through the triangle.

Don’t you guys think that the place itself is a jinx? Either the place makes people disappear or it makes people lose their judgment and make them end up dead or vanish.

Either way, this place jinxed people. What’s your judgment about it?

The Great Isaac Lighthouse (1969)

We people have a tendency to think about the future and predict more and more but some scary places are way ahead of us.

The Bermuda Triangle has always made its move to ships and planes but as I said before we underestimated it way too much.

The Bermuda Triangle has made its way to the stationary lighthouses to let people know its capability.

Can a place be so clever?

The great Isaac Lighthouse is located 20 miles northeast of the Bimini Islands. Only the boats are accessible to this lighthouse.

Back in 1969, the lighthouse was found completely abandoned and it also had two keepers who were also never again seen. As if they were never in the lighthouse.

Such abandoned lighthouses will always make great and creepy stories to chill your spine. But in this case, it was presumably the result of the dangerous Hurricane Anna that was 1969’s first Hurricane.

However, what caused the disappearance of the lighthouse keeper remains a mystery.

But I think, any incident associated with Bermuda Triangle is never a mystery, the Bermuda Triangle or devil’s Triangle just keeps it to itself!

Flight 19 (1945)

Image by History

Well, do you guys want to know the event that started the craze of the Bermuda triangle? Well, this is the story of Flight 19, which is deliciously mysterious and wonderfully creepy.

On December 5, 1945, a group of 5 torpedo bombers went missing during a training exercise. Those pilots were trained and had taken different training sessions, as their last one.

Then what could happen that day that occurred their misfortune? Any guesses? That’s right! The Bermuda triangle engulfed them as well.

During their training, the weather worsened and they were believed to be 230 miles off course, on top of that they were over the open Atlantic Ocean.

Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor was the lead pilot on that day. In his last words, he mentioned their compass wasn’t working right suddenly which made him confused, he added that everything looked strange even the ocean.

Being confused in Open Ocean! That is more than enough to chill someone’s blood!

The sundown malfunctioned radio contact and bad weather conditions predicted their fate. They knew they were done. And we all know the history of what happens next.

Let me tell you an interesting twist about this case…

Captain Charles had a history of being lost in planes. During World War 2 he lost like three times and one time he had to crash his plane in the sea to be rescued. And in that unfortunate day also the base station confirmed that he was again lost as he was just going east and north. The base station told him to hand over the control to another pilot but he refused.

The story did make you feel twisted, didn’t it? It also baffled me. Sometimes what we see as white can be turned out black.

Ellen Austin (1881)

Ever heard of the phrase-“Grasp all lose all”.

Well, I think this is the story of this phrase.

In an infamous place like the Bermuda Triangle, if you find an empty ship with everything fine, foods are fine, beds are not slept in, everything seems perfectly fine just no soul is difficult to find, what will you do?

Will you ride it just for the sake of prizemoney or did you find it erratic?

Back in 1881, the schooner Ellen Austin was crossing over the Sargasso Sea.

During its sailing, the captain encountered an abandoned and aimless ship from nowhere in the Ocean.

The captain thought about the prizemoney that he could get for taking an abandoned ship like this into New York. So he observed the ship from far for two days.

When he saw no movement coming from the ship he took his ship near that abandoned ship. He along with his 3 crew boarded the abandoned ship calling out for people.

But, no source human answered.

While entering they discovered that the ship was not damaged, there was no sign of any violence or any damage, there was food, and the beds were not used yet just the nameplates were removed which made the situation very curiously erratic.

However, they started towing the abandoned ship with Ellen Austin for the prizemoney’s greed to New York.

After two days due to the Rough weather of the Ocean, both of the ships vanished from the sea. They were nowhere to be found to date.

Some say it’s real and some say it is fictional.

Honorable Mentions

The truth might be out there, but that doesn’t mean we will find it! The Bermuda triangle is a mystery in itself.

Why it has consumed so many people so far? No actual answers have ever been encountered with us. People have only theorized the events.

Conspiracy theory specialists have claimed that the Bermuda Triangle is a zone of anomalies, a Hideout for aliens, various military experiments, government secret experiments, a Portal to another dimension, and the presence of a black hole and so many things but all are far from reality.

But, we also can’t deny that the strange happenings around it are also not from our reality. All that is unexplainable erratic happenings that only puzzle people.

What is your favorite theory on the Bermuda Triangle from these? Or do you think some other supernatural occurrences are behind it?

Now let’s discuss some honorable mentions from my picks on disappearances inside Bermuda Triangle today…

Irving River (1978) – The plane disappears over Saint Thomas despite the approaching lights being seen by the control tower. This event occurred near Bermuda Triangle.
Flight 441 (1954) – 42 people on board, a navy aircraft disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.
Flying Boxcar (1965) – Military Transport flight disappeared between Florida and Grand Turk Island.
Sylvia L. Ossa (1976) – A cargo ship disappeared inside Bermuda Triangle in 1976 killing 37 people on board.
Mary Celeste (1872) – Mary celeste also known as Amazon. Although she sailed a different ship, she was found alone in another ship (also known as a ghost ship) in 1972 dead, without a single soul in it, near Bermuda Triangle.

So, What are the facts?

As you all know by far, the Bermuda Triangle is a region that is notorious for its mysterious phenomena.

Huge amounts of ships, planes and submarines have disappeared due to several reasons.

Some of the planes and ships have never been found again. There have been many theories that why it could happen in this way? But let alone thinking rationally, people made it supernatural by all means.

But finally, the mystery behind these events and Bermuda Triangle has been solved, at least that’s what the science channel show claims to be.

Without wasting any more time, let us break the ice of myths and mysteries on the Bermuda Triangle…

A team of American scientists from Colorado University analyzed satellite weather images of this place and they found a series of hexagonal clouds on them.

And they theorized that they might act as air bombs. They believed that they are the cause of deadly air blasts that can exceed 170 miles per hour.

They literally can generate waves more than 45 feet in length, at the same time they can create force like hurricanes.

Now can you assume, why the planes and ships can’t cross this devil’s triangle?

As no ship or aircraft can stand this much power. Also, these clouds are the reason that people can’t see clearly what is happening around them as they hover around the whole island.

These researches have encouraged many examiners to do more investigations about this place. As we all want to know more facts about the Bermuda Triangle.

Final Words

Mystery lovers like me have always been fascinated by these stories of the Bermuda Triangle.

They keep us on the edge by its erratic stories that have already happened over the years.

Stories of supernatural interference, alien activities, unreal society, another dimension, black holes, haunted places, etc. have always bound us together to know more about these.

We tend to believe the myths, as this is more interesting than the fact.

If you want to relax for a day or a decade, you are most welcome to this welcoming Triangle and I assure you, after your wonderful vacation you would not want to back to your daily life. This devil’s triangle will not let you go back!

People often said that whatever you put inside this triangle that thing disappeared.

How about putting Covid-19 in this and making the proper use of this infamous place? Earth will be re-born and celebrate Bermuda Triangle’s help. Just kidding! 😂

In this article, we have come to know about horror stories that only took people’s lives. People also shared their thoughts and also we busted many myths.

At last, we can say that the above incidents are just the victims of the Bermuda Triangle.

Do you know any more Bermuda Triangle stories that I missed?

Do you have any Sherlock theories to add to solve these abnormal events?

What is your favorite story from above these?

As for me, I was once lost in the Bermuda triangle but fortunately, I was rescued by a helpful alien who left me off at area 51. Yup, True Story! [Again Kidding 😂]

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