Is Yeti Real? Mysterious Creature Bigfoot or Yeti

yeti or bigfoot

Not once, but hundreds of times, the story has been told. It’s consistently detected at night, its eyes glistening in the light of headlights.

Hair has grown upon that. Its huge body is between 7 and 12 feet tall. It has ape-like facial traits that are also somewhat human.

It walks on two legs with a fluidity and speed that is unheard of in humans. It does not flee from humans the way wildest animals do; instead, it merely wanders away unconcerned.

If someone forgets such an encounter, it is only because the incident was so traumatic that it is suppressed from consciousness.

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This legendary animal cum human-like mystical creature or beast is seen in the woods of North America for decades. This is the bizarre and long story of our hunt for the creature.

Well, who wouldn’t be interested in such mysterious existence? To know if this is a hoax or just a bigfoot movie’s character?

That’s why, to unravel this mystery, we will be looking upon some evidence as well as incidents that have emerged over time. So without delay anymore let’s enjoy this ride of mystery…

Origin of the “Bigfoot”

yeti or bigfoot

Do you enjoy spending time in the woods? Many children enjoy going on off-the-beaten-path hikes. But, can you ever know what you are about to run into? Tall trees, tranquil ponds, curious deer, and possibly even a turtle or two are all possibilities.

And without a doubt, you must also look out and sense the coming danger. Poison ivy, writhing snakes, and swarms of furious bees may all take a walk in the woods unpleasant.

There’s also another creature to keep an eye out for if you live in certain places.

Do you call the Pacific Northwest home?

What about the state of Kentucky?

Maybe the West Virginia hills?

These locations, as well as many others, are supposed to be home to a dreadful creature. It’s one of the most unusual animals you’ll ever see in the wilderness.

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What exactly are we discussing? Of course, there’s Bigfoot! Have you ever witnessed a Bigfoot sighting in the wild?

Many people claim to have spotted the tall, hairy ape-like creature roaming the deep woods. Bigfoot is described as a giant, hairy ape-human hybrid. Bigfoot, sometimes known as “Sasquatch,” is said to walk on two legs like a human.

Some people believe Bigfoot is part of a larger species. That would imply that Bigfeet are hidden in the world’s jungles.

Bigfoot sightings appear to be more common in some locations than others. So, let’s hear it straight from Jerry, who was the first to claim to have seen Bigfoot and was also the one who came up with the name “Bigfoot”.

Jerry, a bulldozer operator for a logging enterprise in California, discovered a set of enormous human-like footprints buried deep underneath the mud in the Forest in 1958.

Many of his coworkers claimed to have noticed identical tracks on prior job sites and told of strange happenings such as an oil barrel weighing 450 pounds (200 kg) being moved without explanation after he warned them.

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The men from the logging firm quickly came up with the term “Bigfoot” to describe the cryptic perpetrator.

Crew members, who initially thought someone was playing a joke on them, noticed more of these numerous, enormous footprints and contacted Humboldt Times writer Andrew Genzoli.

Genzoli conducted interviews with woodcutters and published stories about the odd footprints, repurposing the term “Bigfoot” to refer to the tracks and local legends of huge, hairy wild men.

The news spread quickly. As a result, the term “Bigfoot” became widely used to describe a big, unknown monster that left massive footprints throughout Northern California.

Bigfoot Sightings

Eyewitness sightings are by far the most common form of evidence provided regarding Bigfoot’s existence.

According to Live Science, more than 10,000 eyewitness accounts of the monster have been throughout the continental United States in the previous 50 years.

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Unfortunately, these sightings of Bigfoot are those evidence that is remained inconclusive due to obvious reasons.

According to Live Science, eyewitness accounts are dependent on recollections, and memories are unreliable.

Witnesses to crimes, for example, can be swayed by their emotions and miss crucial nuances in what they saw.

Bigfoot sound or vocals are described as growls and screams.

According to Scientific American, the organisms are also linked to other sounds like wood-knocking. Media attention is periodically drawn to recordings of these noises, however, they are usually attributed to known creatures such as foxes or coyotes.

Video Evidence of Bigfoot’s Existence

Yes, video evidence! That’s enough to prove the existence of this so-called hoax. Is it?

The most well-known Bigfoot footage is a brief film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967.

It depicts a big, black, human-size, and human-shaped figure strolling through a clearing shot in Bluff Creek.

Despite being widely regarded as a fake, it remains the finest evidence for Bigfoot’s existence to this day. Photographs of people, automobiles, mountains, flowers, sunsets, animals, and other subjects have gotten sharper and clearer over the years, thanks to the emergence of high-quality cameras in smartphones; Bigfoot is an exception.

After all of these pieces of evidence the logical explanation stands out as the creature is does not exist and all of these are rumors or hoaxes!

Hoaxes about Bigfoot

Bigfoot hoaxers have aggravated the difficulty of Sasquatch fact and fiction.

Several people have acknowledged fabricating Bigfoot prints, pictures, and practically any other sort of Bigfoot proof.

In 1982, a man named Rant Mullens said that he and his friends had spent decades carving gigantic Bigfoot feet and using them to create fake footprints.

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That’s not it! Can people stop themselves to any level for publicity? Like the two Georgia guys? Don’t know about it?

So, two Georgia guys claimed to have discovered a whole, frozen Bigfoot specimen on a trip in 2008.

According to CNN, Oklahoma congressman Justin Humphrey proposed establishing a Bigfoot hunting season this January 2021.

The hunting season, according to Humphrey, may overlap with an annual Bigfoot festival in Honobia, Oklahoma, which would help draw more tourists to the area.

According to NPR, Oklahoma tourist officials later promised a $2.1 million bounty for the capture of a living Bigfoot in March.

The Real-Life Bigfoot

Despite the lack of scientific evidence supporting the presence of a modern-day Bigfoot, a huge, bipedal ape did once traverse the Earth. It is proved due to fossil evidence that has been found of a species known as Gigantopithecus.

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Its color was black. His height was around 10 feet (3 meters) tall and weighed up to 595 pounds (270 kilograms).

This creature used to exist in Southeast Asia, and he died more than hundreds of thousands of years ago. So, you guys got the proof of the real bigfoot and its existence…

The Bigfoot movies

Many bigfoot-related movies have been released over the years, all of which depict their violent disposition toward humans.

Even though it is a film, you do not want to miss the opportunity to watch these films! If you ever come across one of them in your life, you must be prepared to deal with them! And these films not only let you feel the creature’s rage, but they also teach you how to avoid making the same mistakes in front of Bigfoot-like some stupid characters of the films!

The movies are following:

  1. The Sasquatch Gang (2006) – IMDB 6.3 rating
  2. Letters From The Big Man (2011) – IMDB 6.2
  3. Strange Wilderness (2008) – IMDB 5.3
  4. Exists (2014) – IMDB 5.2
  5. Willow Creek (2013) – IMDB 5.1
  6. Primal Rage (2018) – IMDB 4.8

These movies will certainly give you the creep that you are looking for in bigfoot movies. Do watch them and let me know how you enjoyed these rides of madness in the comments below!

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