5 Most Scary Black Paintings of Goya – Dark Paintings

paintings of goya

Paintings have long been a popular item for people to hang in their homes. It would bring out the house’s colors and
liveliness more.

Have you ever considered what would happen if you came across a painting that made you feel disturbed and depressed, and confronted you with the harsh reality of the world that most people don’t want to see?

So let’s not waste any time and jump into the extraordinary black paintings of Goya! But before that let’s get to know about Goya himself as a painter.

Goya’s History in Short

Goya was a true revolutionary, someone who experimented to the full degree while maintaining that art is a catalyst for change.

Now, to comprehend his works, particularly his most daring collection, the Black paintings of Goya, created between 1819 and 1823, it is necessary to know the historical background in which he lived and worked.

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The beginning of the nineteenth century was marked by a growing transformation in the political landscape of Europe.

In short, the actions of this significant historical figure sparked the emergence of a new sort of political thought, or more accurately, an ideology known as patriotism.

Although Goya’s paintings are frequently associated with Romance, it is difficult to place them within the bounds of this style.

In this section, we’ll look at the Black paintings of Goya, which wonderfully demonstrate not just Goya’s incredible artistry, but also his genuine belief that painting could change society, or at the very least critically explain it.

Francisco de Goya, whose own hearing was already ringing from deafness which leads by poisoning, signed the deed of purchase for an isolated estate known as The Deaf Man’s House in February 1819.

Gender confusion is a striking aspect of the great painter’s later years. It was called after the previous resident. So far, Goya’s social life had been full of chat and music.

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His reputation as a master painter was built on his thoughtful portraits. He was always looking for and enjoying the company of individuals from various walks of life.

It’s worth reconsidering what might drive a man to create works like The Black Paintings of Goya.

Perhaps the Black Paintings of Goya exist within and beneath those pictures and items we value as materially “decent” because we fear losing the things we love and because that loss seems certain in death.

If we think about it, Goya may have always been meant to create such images.

Therefore, the issue has been raised and stands in front of us: what could motivate such a blossoming and full of life painter who has always painted life and canvas with joy to make such evil arts that shook the people?

Isn’t it a mystery?

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Black Paintings of Goya

Today, however, you will come across such artworks with a deep-rooted terrible message that makes people rarely look at them due to their evil within.

These scary paintings created by Francisco Goya depict powerful, frightening themes that reflect both his dread of psychosis and his pessimistic view of humankind.

Let’s explore those scary black paintings of Goya…

‘Two Old Men’

In the complete darkness, two old men dressed as monarchs stand.

The first, a demonic figure, says something to the second man with a beard, who is bent over a cane.

Goya’s deafness or insanity may be alluded to by the demonic apparition.

People have speculated that in Goya’s last several days, when he was becoming deaf and experiencing extreme loneliness, he may have been affected by a demonic presence who influenced him to create such paintings.

Goya may have described this one as being influenced by an unknown demonic spirit!

So suspicious…

‘Two Old Men Eating Soup’

This one’s Spanish name is Dos viejos comiendo sopa. This is one of the fourteen artworks in the series “Black
Paintings of Goya” but with a deeper meaning. When you see this painting, didn’t you find it creepy?

Both of the men have weird and demonic facial expressions at the same time eating something mysterious.

Two old folks are seen in the paintings. The title may appear harmless, but the paintings are pointing to anything.

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The figures are thought to be men, but the gender of the figurines remains unknown. They may be witches. The paintings can be about death.

The figure on the right has a head made of a skull. The other has a pig-like face and a toothless smile. Perhaps they’re staring at Goya, implying that he’ll be the next to meet the dark lord. Conversely, the artwork could be a tale about selfishness and corruption.

What could be more creepy than that! But wait… let’s meet you up with the next one!

‘The Witches Sabbath’

A spooky twilight gathering of a satanic cult and sorcerers against a dark and barren environment is shown in this artwork.

The devil is depicted as a sinister goat, out to the left of the center. All of the figures have uncomfortable looks and look to be disfigured in some way.

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Whatever witchy rite they’re performing, a single lady appears to be refusing it. Goya’s displeasure with the superstitions and myths of the time may be reflected in this picture. And his loathing for the Salem Witch trials, which tortured suspected non-believers via Salem witch trials.

Whatever the picture is depicting is mainly making you feel uncomfortable with its weird demonic presence as if you are surrounded by witches you don’t want to see in your lifetime!

‘The Dog’

My personal favorite from the Black Paintings of Goya is The Dog.

Soaked up to its neck in a muddy swamp underneath a dark golden hell, an expressive tiny dog with human traits cries out for help.

The philosophical dog appears to be lost in the artist’s nothingness. He could be trapped or submerged in half.

The dog may represent abandonment or negligence. It could depict the figure who leads the spirits of the dead to the afterlife.

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The painting is a barren landscape, and the unlucky dog will not require help. It indicates that Goya understood that human fate was not in the hands of a loving god.

What a deep meaning with nothingness with it! The picture faces you with nothingness and helplessness.

You can feel the emptiness in it! Can you?

‘Saturn Devouring His Son’

This is regarded as one of the most horrifying dark paintings ever created. The cause behind it can be understood from the name alone.

In this list of the scary paintings of Goya, I like this one the most!

It’s based on mythology from the Roman era. Saturn was a Roman god who came to power after his father was banished.

Saturn was predicted to be doomed in the same way. Saturn gobbled his children completely to prevent kismet.

There are little details that make the painting more evil and terrifying in itself!

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Saturn’s ego and seeming anguish are perhaps the painting’s most stunning details. He has a crazy, anguished look on his face, with his little head and enormous eyes. He’s taken aback by his wickedness.

According to art historians, it represents Goya’s own fear of insanity and tragedy. But Spain may be consuming itself.

It’s without a doubt the most disturbing piece in the collection. We can guess that it is about Goya’s insecurity and fear of insanity and demise, but there is no record of what the painter meant.

For a century, art experts have been fascinated by the riddle of what this meant to Goya.

You know what made the painting more horrifying! Some people look closer than they assume that he was not eating a child but an adult who was trying hard to save himself but all his efforts to stay alive was wasted!

These little details made this painting the most horrific painting a soul can consume in the record!

Final Words

These were just five paintings out of fourteen that were found after Goya’s demise. They express existential despair and near-death anguish about the human condition.

The paintings were shocking when they were originally discovered, and they continue to be so now. Their immaturely modern layout, harsh color palette, and artful qualities were unmatched.

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They are accessible to all social classes and styles. The Black Paintings of Goya stand out like a thunderbolt in the history of art.

These paintings say a lot, but not nicely or pleasantly. They tell of suffering, greed, domination, loneliness, emptiness, and despair!

Can you imagine how a person who painted these sentiments of darkness in his paintings soon before his death came to him? How dreadful was the feeling!

The magnificence of art is based on recognizing the creative minds that inspired the masterpiece, not from the sight or the emotions it produces in the audience.

The collection of the black paintings of Goya is a huge piece of this concept. In the end, they’re gloomy, lonely reflections whose violent past adds to, rather than takes away from, their significance.

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His art, with its expert witness of the power of love, is still prominent. Goya is to be respected for his artwork!

What about you? Which one did you find dreadful? Will it give you dark nightmares tonight? Tell me in the comment section below…

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