16 Dangerous Cursed Objects of the World

Painting of Crying Boy

Tracking down these items might not be the best idea!

The conscious beings enjoy solving puzzles.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of 16 cursed objects from around the world that are said to bring misery or even death to their owners or users!

So fasten your seatbelts for this cursed ride which might bring some negative luck for you too…

16. The Haunted Wedding Dress

haunted wedding dress - cursed objects

Cursed are usually brought on by immense sadness or anger or might be the combination of both! And this wedding dress is a prime example of these kinds of cursed objects!

The bridal gown of Anna Baker, who fell in love with an industrial engineer, is kept in the Baker mansion in Altoona, USA.

Anna allegedly parted ways from her house to marry her boyfriend, but her father shot her idea down!

He forcibly returned her and confined her in her chamber, according to the story.

She refused to marry anybody else after that and lived alone for the rest of her life.

Following her death, members of the Baker family reported seeing Anna’s bridal gown in various locations around the home.

Some of them even saw Anna Baker’s soul roaming around the home clothed in her wedding gown.

15. Mirror of Myrtles Plantation

You might not want to check yourself in this mirror.

Why! The Myrtles Farm in Louisiana, United States, is said to be one of the world’s most haunted sites.

A mirror, on the other hand, is the most terrifying and one of the cursed objects in the house.

Locals believe the mirror is haunted and contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her two children, who were poisoned by their servant Chloe.

14. The Hope Diamond

A diamond of a size of a walnut sounds pretty awesome until you find out that most of its owner dies tragic and horrible deaths! Not kidding…

The Hope diamond is another cursed object that must be guarded out of reach of most people.

This legendary gem is valued at $250 million and is particularly enormous with a relaxing blue hue.

However, since the seventeenth century, the diamond has been thought to be damned, bringing immense sorrow and unhappiness to those who wore it.

According to legend, a French dealer pulled the diamond from one of the eyes of a Hindu statue in 1653, and anyone who holds this 115-carat blue diamond has been cursed ever since.

13. The Iceman

corpse of Otzi
Image by Mirror UK

The corpse of Otzi, sometimes known as the Iceman, was discovered in the Otzal Alps in Italy in 1991.

The Iceman is thought to have lived around 4000 B.c., and his remains were mummified due to the ice that covered him after he died.

People engaged in his finding, however, began to perish in horrific accidents shortly following his discovery.

Rainer Henn, a forensic pathologist, died in a tragic vehicle accident, Kurt Fritz, a climber, died in an avalanche, and Helmut Simon, a climber, died after slipping off a risky concealed trail.

People believe that the discovery of Iceman is a catastrophe that has the potential to wipe humanity out.

12. The chair of death

Being wary of ancient tombs and jewels is bad enough but now it seems we should also remember to watch where we sit!

Because it might be one of the cursed objects that we are mentioning…

This wooden furniture, also known as Busby’s stoop chair, is cursed by the soul of Thomas Busby, who was infamous for viciously murdering people.

He wanted a supper in his favorite neighborhood bar before being hanged for his misdeeds.

After eating his dinner, he rose and shouted,

“May sudden death comes to everyone who dares to sit in my chair,”

And since then, 63 individuals have died in an untimely and horrible manner.

The chair was then transferred to the Thirsk Museum in the United Kingdom, which is still there, hung 1.5 meters from the ground to prevent any additional tragedies.

11. The Dybbuk

The inspiration for the 2012 movie “The Possession” the Dybbuk Box gets is an appropriate name because it contains a Dybbuk which is a malicious and restless spirit with the ability to possess the living people.

That’s why this Dybbuk box made it to our list of cursed objects.

The Dybbuk Box first surfaced in 2001, when Kevin Mannis bought a wine cupboard and began suffering terrifying nightmares.

He subsequently chose to give the cabinet to his mom, who tragically died of a stroke the day after receiving it.

Not only that, but everyone who has ever had the wine cabinet has reported horrific things happening to them.

Jason Haxton, the cabinet’s previous owner, discovered that the box is haunted by the ghost of a wicked Jewish entity known as Dybbuk, who has the capacity to haunt and dominate the living.

10. The Screaming Skull

screaming skull
Image by Medium

The screaming skull is one of the terrifying cursed objects that can be found at Burton Agnes Hall in Burton Agnes, England.

The wailing head is thought to be that of Katherine Anne Griffith, who died in the same house in 1620 after being tormented.

Every night, a scary spirit may be seen walking around the skull, creating deafening noises and frightening anyone who attempts to dislodge the skull.

9. The Painting

Image Credit Darren Kyle O’Neill

What happens when you buy a captivating painting to add a little extra decor to your room, only to discover later that the characters in the painting have some unusual ability to make themselves vanish from the painting?

Eerie huh!

Bill Stoneham’s painting ‘Hand Resist Him’ is perhaps one of the eeriest and cursed objects of art.

This scary painting is a portrayal of the gateway that links our world with the world of souls, according to the painter.

The painting’s proprietors allege that the people in the painting shift or vanish during the night.

8. The Agonized Man

Agonized Man
Image Credit Sean Robinson

You might want to rethink before buying any painting for your home after knowing this cursed object’s history!

Sean Robinson was captivated by the beauty of ‘The Anguished Man Painting,’ which he received from his grandmother and opted to display on the walls of his home.

Soon after, Sean and his family began to experience unexplainable phenomena like slamming doors in the middle of the night and unexpected guttural scream cries.

Sean’s wife decided to go into the artwork’s origins and discovered that the artist who created it committed suicide before doing so by mixing his own blood with the paints he used to create it.

When the couple learned of this, they chose to hide the artwork in the basement of their home.

7. The Gypsy Doll

The Gypsy Doll

A Romanian man created a doll for his child Letta, according to Romanians.

Tragically, the youngster died while playing with the doll, trapping his soul inside and making this doll into a cursed object.

The owner then decided to give the doll to one of his employees’ kids.

The boy stated that the doll communicated with him, while subsequent proprietors stated that holding the doll or being near it causes them to experience overwhelming grief and drives them to grieve for no explicable reason.

6. The Evil Doll

One of Robert Otto’s employees, who obviously despised the family, gave him a look-alike doll. Robert’s relatives used to overhear him conversing with the dummy.

A couple purchased the house after he died, and their 8-year-old child discovered the doll in the basement.

The little child claimed that the doll was attempting to murder her in several instances.

The doll is now on exhibit in a Key West gallery, and it is still thought to curse people.

5. Elmo

Image by Flickr

What happens when the cartoon characters you watch while growing up, haunt you?

Elmo, the renowned Sesame Street character, was made into a doll that was designed to remember his owner’s name.

James Bowman, a little child, was a great Sesame fan, so his mother decided to give him one for his 10th birthday.

The Elmo toy, on the other hand, began chanting “Kill James” nonstop just a few days later.

His mother was forced to discard the cursed toy as a result of this.

After a few years, further similar events involving the Elmo doll surfaced which eventually made it one of the cursed objects!

4. Lemb Statue

The Woman from Lemb is an eye-catching object sculpted from limestone that was discovered in Cyprus in 1878.

Four distinct families are reported to have possessed the sculpture, each of whom died within a few years of acquiring the object.

The lone remaining member of the last family surrendered the statue to the Royal Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, fearful of the figure’s lethal history.

Things, unfortunately, did not end there. After a few days, the gallery curator in charge of the monument was mysteriously slain.

3. The Basano Vase

How can an object like a flower vase made it to this list of cursed objects!

Let’s get to know it…

The Basano Vase, crafted in the fifteenth century by an Italian girl on her honeymoon as a gift for her fiancé, is yet another cursed object that must not be disturbed.

Locals claim she was killed the same night she was found with the vase in her hand.

The vase was subsequently handed down from family to family, with each family claiming to have lost a beloved one.

It was presented to a number of galleries in 1988, but none of them took it due to the jinx.

It’s unknown where it is currently, but some say it’s buried in a lead casket in an inaccessible location.

2. The Painting of Crying Boy

Painting of Crying Boy
Painted by Giovanni Bragolin

The following are the facts: Giovanni Bragolin, an Italian artist, painted a portrait of a weeping boy that, for some reason, became quite famous in the 1950s and was reproduced in a large number of reproductions.

The Sun, a dependable British daily, stated in 1985 that a fireman claimed to have discovered these prints in various residences destroyed by fire… regardless of the fact that the prints were in pristine condition.

According to reports, British firemen were so disturbed by the phenomenon that none of them would allow replicas of the picture inside their houses.

More incidents of the prints surviving wildfires were recorded both before and after the article, and a myth emerged that the artwork was of an orphan whose home had been set ablaze.

What I’m curious about is why so many people wanted to hang a crying child’s image on their walls in the first place!

1. Annabelle Doll

Image by Flickr

Talking about cursed objects around the world and Annabelle don’t make it to the list!

Not happening!

Already most people have watched Annabelle universe but here is the real incident that actually took place around this cursed doll!

A woman gave a dirty-looking doll to her child, Donna, who was in nursing school when she bought it in an antique shop in 1970.

Donna and her roommate Angie continued returning home to discover the doll in different positions and locations.

The doll then began to live the notes that said, “Help.” Then they discovered the doll covered in blood.

A psychic told them the doll was haunted by the soul of a girl named Annabelle, who had died near the construction site of their apartment building.

Lou, one of the girls’ pals, thought Annabelle was eviler and advised his friends to get rid of her.

Annabelle then went to see Lou, levitated up his body, and strangled him till he blacked out.

Lou investigated after hearing what sounded like someone in the next room; the girls heard him cry and went in to find Lou with two enormous claw marks on his chest, despite the fact that no one was in the room… save Annabelle.

The Amityville home investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren determined that the doll was actually a gateway to hell that a devil was using.

After two failed exorcisms, the doll is currently kept behind protection in the Warrens’ occult exhibition, where it still moves. And that made it one of the cursed objects in scary history.

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