Dyatlov Pass Incident – A Mystery Since 1959

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Have you ever heard of any bizarrely weird case that leaves you in a puzzle for days?

I think not. If not, why not let you introduce one of these kinds of incidents that is a mystery for 60 long years and more.

Youngsters these days always crave adventures. Not just this generation, over the years youngsters, have been very adventurous.

They want to explore the world, know the unknown, if they find something challenging they find it more interesting. But that’s not wrong.

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What happens when one of these adventures be one’s last destination? When it becomes the least thing in the world they want to explore in the world?

When this adventure becomes their nightmare and not just any nightmare, the worst and last nightmare that will take their life brutally? And the saddest part is people will never know what might have exactly happened that made this adventure, their last ride from worldly attachments.

These kinds of incidents just leave people with lots of speculations that have no valid explanation.

In this article, I’m writing on an incident where a group of hikers died for an unidentified reason and died and it is called the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Let’s not keep you waiting any more time, let’s unravel the incident inches by inches and speculate what possibly could have happened?

The Background Story

dyatlov pass last image
Image by EarthSky

This was the last picture taken by a group of Russian hikers who were very experienced in this field. It was 1959, February 1st night. It was also the night of their disappearance. Let me go through you one by one.

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The year was 1959, the place was Otorten Mountains. As of now, the place is situated in Russia’s Northern Urals. And the black history associated with this place is very creepy and bizarre.

You might don’t believe it but that’s the truth! This time the precious time will also not save this particular mystery. Why did I say that? You will know in sometime…

In the year 1959, between 1-2 February, A group of 9 hikers led by 23 years old, Igor Dyatlov was moving towards Mount Otorten. Among them, there were 2 girls and the rest of them were boys.

They were students of Ural Polytechnic Institute in Russia. They placed their campsite right beside that mountain. And they MYSTERIOUSLY died there!

The Unfortunate Incident

The mountain was initially called The Dead Mountain by the local Mansi people. Why do they call that? Well, no clear answers but there must be a reason to call this.

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Initially, there was a total of 10 hikers which include Yuri Yudin who turned his way back from starting because of the falling temperature at that time.

Whoof! He got lucky! Must have been happy with this decision that became his luckiest decision ever made. Good for him…

The team leader, Igor Dyatlov had confirmed that they would let their sports team know that they reached their point of the expedition by sending them a telegram by the 12th of February, 1959.

But when the 12th passed no one received any sort of message from that team.

At first, everyone was not that much alerted as in such an expedition it is normal to delay. But as days were going the relatives of the team was worrying.

So on their request on the 20th of 1959, a rescue party was arranged to search them.

When the search party reached the campsite, they saw a horrific image of the camp. They found the tent half-destroyed, covered in snow, and of course, to their shock it was empty! No one was there, even their important belongings like shoes were left behind. And a horrifying added information was that the tent was cut from inside. Yes! You heard me right!

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The search party was very clueless like we are right now.

What was their hurry? By what they were so terrified that they left their hiking shoes to run off with their lives?

They were so terrified that they somehow cut the tent and ran! What Happened!!

Scratching your head? Don’t do it now… Let’s move on further you’ll know by yourself.

Nine sets of footprints were found by the tent. It was said they left for the woods in hurry by barefoot and some wearing only socks. Seems they were super terrified by something that was chasing them.

The day was quite long for the rescue teams after getting the tent in that state, they were speculating a lot. But they were not ready for the upcoming surprise like us.

1500 meters from the tent they found 2 bodies. They were only wearing underwear not even with their shoes. Let me tell you, the temperature was -30°C. You might ask me- “Wait, Where were their clothes?” Umm… You’ll find out.

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Now you can scratch your heads!

The branches of the tree beside them were broken up to five meters high suggesting that they might want to look for something, quite possibly their tent as they might be lost or they want to save them from someone/something or they wanted to hide.

Which question stands corrected with this situation that only God knows! Why they are almost naked, why do they end up like this? Only questions that have no answers.

Another three bodies were found between the camp and the trees. This suggests they might be on their way to return to their tent but never could return their tent nor their home.

Strangely the remaining four bodies of the nine were not found until two months later. They were found in the pine woods near the tent. Three out of four were better dressed than others.

It was visible that two of them used other clothes who were found dead naked. These clothes were burned and torn and they were wearing in weird areas like toes and shin.

Is your head spinning? Because mine is.

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The Investigation on the ‘Dyatlov Pass’ Incident

died and iced

The investigation shook the world with its thrilling insights. It doesn’t make sense!

One of them had a broken skull, a fractured skull, one of them had crust ribs, and one of them had a tongue missing along with crust ribs.

These injuries can be compared to a fatal car crash or more powerful than this that can’t be caused by a human being. The autopsy report confirmed that these injuries were the result of fatal violence and it also clarifies that it is similar to a shock wave of a bomb.

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Let’s surprise you, even more, two of them have no eyes with them! The clothes that some were wearing doctors found some radioactive substances in them.

That’s not it!

These radioactive substances were found all over the area where that dark incident happened.

The bodies did not seem to be in trauma outside. The injuries were from inside of the body. Can you believe that?

One stranger thing is that there is no sign of attacks from outside of the tent which suggests they leave the tents with their own accord.

As if they saw something inside of the tent which made them leave the tent with tearing that and running barefoot!

Yuri, the lone survivor of the group help the investigators with identifying the items of the teams. Although he couldn’t identify some products like some clothes that resemble military clothes, skies, and glasses.

This leads those to believe that maybe the military found the bodies before they did. Maybe they are trying to cover someone or something!

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You know what, after all these speculations, the official investigation says – they died of hypothermia.

So many questions about this ‘Dyatlov Pass’ incident! Not one answers! Just speculations. Can you solve this or your head is still spinning with this?

Speculations and Explanations

The investigators couldn’t find the exact reason for the ‘Dyatlov Pass’ incident. But many specialists examined the scene differently and gave us some speculations and explanations on this incident.

Let’s explore the theoretical explanations of the ‘Dyatlov Pass’ incident…


One of many theories is that this incident is the result of an Avalanche that might have happened by the side of the campsite which resulting the camp being buried under the ice. It explains the hypothermia and the tent torn from


It doesn’t support the presence of the radioactive substance and the missing tongue and eyeballs of the hikers. These aren’t the usual avalanche victim’s symptoms. They mostly die from asphyxiation after being swept by the snow.

Also, one more very important element, if an avalanche is a reason that happened that day, then there shouldn’t be any footprints available near the tent as it should be covered with snow. Some people also said that it also doesn’t support the bodies being naked.

Umm.. that takes us to the next speculation.

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Paradoxical Undressing

There’s an effect called Paradoxical Undressing where disoriented hypothermia removes their clothes because their bodies feel like they are burning in the fire! The human body can be deceiving in terms of feelings.

This would explain the nearly naked bodies. Which supports the Avalanche theory.

Still… The questions remain the same.

How would it explain radioactivity or missing tongue?

So these theories to me are…OUT. What about you?

Soviet Test Missile

Soviet Test Missile
Image by Dyatlov Pass

This picture was taken by Zolotaryov’s camera which was found fully damaged. This is a picture taken before that unfortunate occurrence.

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Another theory suggests that Soviet Test Missiles caused the unfortunate deaths. A doctor on autopsy said that an explosion could have caused similar kind of injuries and the photo actually kind of support this theory.

What doesn’t support this theory?

Well, the Russian government confirmed that at that time there was no explosion or missile was launched. With that said, let’s get this theory out of our list!


Yeti or bigfoot
Image by Pixabay

Some people suspect that this whole was an attack made by yeti. As you are seeing the picture was taken by one of the team member’s cameras which people speculate by considering it by a yeti attack!

After this picture was flushed to the audience, the discovery channel featured a 2-hour show called- “Russian Yeti-the killer lives” in 2014. From this incident, the yeti was again on the news.

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But, this particular theory doesn’t make any sense to me.

I can’t imagine a yeti taking time to cover its tracks! Yeti is the mastermind!! I think not!

So we can finally skip this part.


This theory is not that famous but it has its fan base. The wind going around the mountain could have created a Karman Vortex Street which can produce infrasound, capable of inducing panic attacks in humans.

Finally, an interesting theory!

According to this theory, the infrasound generated by the wind as a passed over the top of the mountain was responsible for causing physical discomfort and mental distress in the hikers and because of this panic, the hikers were driven to leave the tent by whatever means necessary have fled down the slope.

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By that time when they moved further to the hill downwards, they might have been out of the infrasound zone. They would have regained composure, but in the darkness, they would have been unable to return to their tent.

The traumatic injuries suffered by the three of the victims were the result of their stumbling over the edge of the ravine in the darkness which led them to land on the rocks in the present darkness.

Sound a little sensible than the others! But still, it didn’t answer the missing tongue and eyeballs-related mystery on the ‘Dyatlov Pass’ incident.

Alien Activity

Alien Activity
Image by Pixabay

So as you all know this theory has to be the most popular theory for all kinds of unusual and unanswered mysteries. As these are the answers to all questions that create suspicion.

Some of you may be already imagined that this theory was coming. C’mon, this has to make in the list!

But actually, there is a lot of reasons that it makes sense. There were supposedly reports of bright flying spheres in the area in February and March of that year.

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Here is a quote from lead investigator Lev Ivanov-

“I suspected at the time and am almost sure now that these bright flying spheres had a direct connection to the group’s death”

Even more peculiar, he was ordered by Soviet officials to close the case. Did you see what happened?

I am just writing the whole incident and its theories so that you can get the idea.

But think about him, he saw and investigated the case. With a sober mind, he is saying that it’s an act of Aliens, and soon after the case closed with no proper investigation result.

I know you know the rest as you are smarter!

If this theory proves right then aliens perhaps explain the radioactivity found at the site and also explain the inhuman trauma without any exposure that the team suffered.

As far as no evidence is found of an outsider from the tent, I think it’s safe to assume that if they are out there, Aliens have gotten pretty good at covering their tracks!

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Regardless, in the end, authorities supposedly determined that the deaths were caused by an unknown compelling force. Consequently, the case remains closed to this day.

So after knowing the whole incident can you answer these 2 important questions that I still didn’t find out its answers to –

  1. What drove the hikers to abandon the tent the way they did?
  2. What could cause the tremendous internal injuries that some of them sustained?

The “Acceptable” Theory

The incident is very puzzling in itself. Many researchers have toiled so much just to get close to a resembling explanation that what might have happened that day?

One of them is Richard Holmgren, who is an archeologist. He was so moved by this incident that he decided to take this trip at the same time and quite similarly the same way that was maybe done by the hiker’s team and eventually maybe he could get any clue about it.

You see people, curiosity really can take you places…

So they went on the trip and after completing the trip they have come to a conclusion that supports some other researchers as well. The theory is about Katabatic Wind.

If you don’t know about it, I’m going to make this easier so that you can get the concept.

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Katabatic Wind

A Katabatic Wind is a powerful falling wind that travels down a mountain slope quickly gaining speed under the force of gravity and can create hurricane-like conditions without warning.

It is uncontrollable strong winds that can change dramatically in seconds. If this exact scenario hit the ‘Dyatlov Pass’ incident’s hikers, their tent would be at the risk of being torn apart which needed to be evacuated immediately.

And with temperatures like −30 °their equipment would be frozen stiff so they couldn’t take any of them. It explains the hypothermia-related deaths.

The injury-related bodies that were found in the ravine buried under four-meter snow, may have dug themselves a snow den for shelter which collapsed and eventually crushed them. They were under the crushing snowpacks for months so the injuries were inevitable.

This particular theory kind of justify than the other unrealistic ones! But the event was itself an unusual tragedy that wrote its name on infamous mysterious history so the solution also has to be a little bit tricky.

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This Katabatic Wind theory is relatable but still, it has its loopholes.

Let me make it easier! All of this still didn’t justify the two very important factors of this case. First of all, the radioactive radiation in the clothes and the area nearby and lastly the missing tongue and eyeballs!

So, back to square 1, Huh!

Other Mentionable Theories

As there were no eyewitnesses or survivors who were alive from that incident available, so the mystery among this created a load of speculations. Some were acceptable and some were from folklore! But people still added some theories to the above list. Some of them were-

⮞ Mistaken for prisoners from Gulag – The Mansi People
⮞ Teleportation experiments
⮞ Lightning strike
⮞ Gravity fluctuation
⮞ Wolverine
⮞ Methanol poisoning
⮞ Zolotaryov’s meltdown

Final Words

Do you know what is the creepiest thing around this event? The ultimate truth about what happened that night was only known to the 9 hikers. As they are gone, the people around history will never really know about what made them die so miserably?

The truth may not be so apprehensive that everyone can digest it. The truth may feel us horrifically stunned. The sight of them being dead is more than enough to snatch our good-night sleep for days.

With context, “what made them leave their tent?” is for me one of the most blood-chilling questions ever asked. Don’t you think so?

I think this is one of the most interesting, bone-chilling mysteries that is left in the world. There are no aliens, no weird pseudo-science, or the mystery cults that History Channel tends to get over into late at night. It’s a pure bone-chilling mystery with only strange elements of nature. I wonder sometimes if this will ever be solved.

We all know this was a tragic event, but every time people come across this case they are just so fascinated. As mysteries bind us all to know the unknown!

What was your most interesting part in this segment that chilled your spines down? The most chilling part to me is that only the victims happened to know what exactly happened to them. Horrifying thought, isn’t it!

What would be your remark to close the case?

“It was an alien who was radioactive, he dressed as Yeti which as well serves in the Russian military forces. This Case can be finally closed. Isn’t it? ”

Just tried to add a little humor to light your creepiness about this case. Do let us know the questions and output of yours about this case. If you have some extra insights then we are ready to add that to our list!

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