Ed Gein – The Most Merciless and Ferocious Killer

ed gein - the serial killer

Take a look at the man in the featured photo.

Isn’t he a sweet-looking gentleman?

Behind this charming appearance lurks a demented psychopath who has made a habit of scalping ladies. And Ed Gein doesn’t stop there. Then he used the skin to make handcrafted furnishings.

He is so infamous for his dreadful activities that a movie named was based on his life. Have you ever wondered where horror movies like Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre got their inspiration?

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This Not-So-Gentleman inspired them…

Well, binge them again tonight to feel the cruelty of Ed Gein…

You can speculate his terror by his nickname which was ‘butcher of Plainfield’

Ed Gein was not only a ruthless murderer but also a tombstone robber. He is the most bizarre killing human machine.

Norman Bates (‘Psycho,’ Jame Gumb, ‘The Silence of the Lambs,’ and Leatherface,’ Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ among others) were all inspired by him.

I can’t believe all these movies that I binge-watched 100 times were inspired by his gruesome murders!

Ed Gein created everything from bowls and flatware to gloves out of the flesh of his victims and the bodies he dug from local cemeteries.

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But the real question is…

What may have led him to wind up in this mess?

Let’s find out the answers to all similar questions!

Life of Ed Gein as a Child

Edward Theodore Gein was born in, 1906, to a couple, Husband-George Phillip Gein and Wife – Augusta Wilhelmine Gein. He was the younger of their two kids, Henry George Gein being the oldest.

George Gein was a drunkard who had worked as a carpenter, shoemaker, and insurance salesman among other small jobs. But he couldn’t keep up with his employment.

Augusta loathed her husband and was a VERY faithful Catholic. Both sons were taught against sex, sins, alcohol, and women from a very early age.

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Except for his mother, every woman became embroidered in Edward’s mind as evil. Don’t be surprised yet! The shock is yet to come…

When Ed Gein was in school, he was introverted and had unusual characteristics, and teachers said he used to chuckle about something going on in his twisted head. Despite his oddity, he excelled in his study. That’s a surprise for me…

The Death of Ed Gein’s Father

George Gein died of the cardiac untimely death of 66, leaving Henry and Ed Gein to juggle a variety of odd jobs to keep the family surviving.

They’d shifted to Plainfield, to a remote house in the heart of town. Little did the town know that they were going to be in history… Black history!

So, the two brothers were entirely enslaved by their mother. It was a hit with Ed Gein.

They both worked as handymen, and the residents of Plainfield sought them out because they were trustworthy and honest (Well, they seemed to like that).

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Ed sought refuge in babysitting kids rather than interacting with grownups,

Meanwhile, Henry, his younger brother, had started seeing a divorced woman and was preparing to marry her.

Ooh! God bless him!

As expected, fearing Ed’s obsession and emotional attachment to their dictatorial mother, he spoke harshly of Augusta. Resulted by, he incurred Ed’s wrath instead of changing his mind. Poor Henry…

While clearing the swamp, the fire they ignited went out of control, and Henry’s corpse was discovered unharmed a short while later.

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Later, the autopsy was ruled out. As the cops come to terms with his death, which was caused by suffocation, even though Henry’s head had bruises, his death was ruled an accident.

Isn’t it Ed Gein?

To avenge his mother’s disrespect? Who knows? Later on, in the enormous house, Ed and his mother were alone.

Ed’s Life with His Beloved Mother

You can understand the attachment of Ed with his mother by knowing this when Augusta had a quadriplegic stroke, Ed spent the rest of his life caring for her.

Whatever she said meant a lot to him, and he used to ponder about it for a long time.

However, they paid a visit to a certain Mr. Smith and witnessed him dismembering a dog to death. A woman ran out of his house, pleading with him to stop. But it was in vain.

Augusta was left scarred by this.

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Not because of the dog’s plight. But, because the lady was not his spouse, she referred to her as “Smith’s mistress.”

Wow, lady, you know how to keep your priorities straight!

Edward was grieved when Augusta died at the age of 67.

He had lost both his sole friend and real love. And he was the only one in the world. His mind, as well. Things started to get creepy after that. You asked HOW?…

Cruel Obsessions

cruel ed gein

Oh my goodness! Where to start from…

Okay. So, Ed Gein got intrigued by the thought of reuniting with his mother.

He was so intrigued that he started to act to become like his mother. It was not enough for him, so he started reading books.

It’s not a book you and I read on weekend nights! He was captivated by books on cannibalism, Nazis, shrunken skulls, and Grey’s Anatomy, which formed his sick thinking.

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Get ready for the disgusting shock!

He ultimately came up with the idea of creating a skinsuit out of the remains of ladies who resembled his mother and draping it to become Augusta.

As a result, he began chasing down recently deceased ladies who shared his mother’s earmarks and excavated their graves. He then skinned them and used the skin to make articles.

People eventually became suspicious and began to keep a close eye on the graves.

As a result, Ed Gein had no choice but to commit murder!

Heinous Murders & Arrest

Mary Hogan, a woman from a pub, went missing in 1954 and was never traced. A local hardware store owner Bernice Worden went missing in 1957 and her son Sheriff Frank Worden suspected Ed Gein since he was the last person she spoke to.

The police were shocked when they started searching his home. Except for Augusta’s room, the entire structure was in devastation.

Why they will not be shocked?

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What will be your reaction to seeing a woman’s beheaded body! Bernice’s beheaded body dangled from the roof, her insides spilling forth.

Several objects created from human body parts were discovered by the cops. Because his father was a tanner, all of the objects were preserved once.

The list of findings may disgust you-

  • Human skeletons and pieces.
  • Garbage can made from human skin.
  • Several chair seats are covered in human skin.
  • Masks constructed out of the skin of women’s heads.
  • A belt constructed from the nipples of females.
  • A lampshade constructed from a human face’s skin.
  • In a paper bag, Mary Hogan’s face mask.
  • The skull of Mary Hogan is kept in a box.
  • Bernice Worden’s head was completely wrapped in a bin bag.
  • Bernice Worden’s heart was found “in a plastic bag in front of Gein’s potbellied stove” and nine vulvae were found “in a shoebox.”

Because of his mental instability, he was arrested but not charged. Ed Gein stated that he did everything in a trance and that he would return home empty-handed when he wasn’t hallucinating.

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When inquired if he had engaged in pedophilia, he denied it, claiming that they smelled excessive. What did he think he’d get? Rose petals, perhaps?

Later, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and sent to the Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Death of the Nightmare

In 1984, at the age of 77, he died of lung cancer at Mendota Mental Health Institute.

His infamous story had made a lasting imprint on people’s minds, and several publications and films based on his life were created.

Ed Gein’s life is mirrored by the book Psycho (1959) and Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film adaptation of the same title. There are numerous unresolved riddles in this case, including his brother’s death and the total number of crimes committed. Although the investigation has been concluded, many uncertainties remain.

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