11 Mesmerizing Facts About Egyptian Pyramids

star alignments of the egyptian pyramids

The mystery pyramids of Giza are without a doubt the oldest of seven acknowledged wonders known to mankind till today.

These antique monuments are visually spectacular, and their heritage adds to the fascination.

In Egyptian Civilization, the pyramids were used as gravesites for deceased pharaohs. Regrettably, many folks only know that much.

The Giza Pyramid Complex, which contains the most well-known Egyptian pyramids, has been the center of persistent exploration for more than a decade.

Historians unearthed quite a few pyramids in China and other Asian countries when they began exploring for relics of ancient cultures.

The Chinese pyramids were newly designed and constructed and had little historical relevance, but the Egyptian pyramids were intriguing, extremely ancient, and had a great deal of cultural worth.

These pyramids had been constructed with quality in mind, and deconstructing them without the use of equipment would take decades.

Some of the Egyptian pyramids are still standing proud with minimal degradation in their fundamental structure and seeing such mathematically sound structures made exclusively with the materials available at the time.

Without any understanding of the current building, processes are historically significant.

There are several fascinating facts about Egyptian pyramids concerning this creation, some of which may seem like just a mere story to read to the kids at night-time.

Okay, you have the right not to believe me but have you ever encountered a ten-ton building brick, for instance? I’m afraid not.

One of the main reasons the huge Egyptian pyramids have gained the appellation of “miracle” is because of this.

Even with the most sophisticated technology, science has not been able to replicate these formations. Poor science, I may say!

Many concerns have been raised concerning the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and some people are unsure if it was built by an Egyptian work of art or by an alien life form far cleverer than ancient Egyptians.

To learn more about this ancient masterpiece, these facts about Egyptian pyramids might sound to you like area 51 mysteries!

But trust me on this, this is going to be some mind-blowing facts that you never encountered before.

Let’s go for a round of some fascinating facts about Egyptian pyramids we might not know yet!

When I say facts about Egyptian pyramids that means they are truly fascinating in any possible way!

The very first fascinating fact about the Egyptian pyramids is that these were constructed by PAID workers and not by any kind of slaves!

The huge Egyptian pyramids were supposedly constructed by slave labor, according to a Greek historian.

The reality of the matter is that many competent craftsmen want to be a part of the creation of this enormous marvel.

According to studies, the workers were very well-nourished, well-compensated, and highly respected.

As a consequence, many of those who resulted in the death of the building were placed adjacent to Pharaoh’s last burial place as a mark of respect.

AWW! That’s beautiful… what’s your thought on this?

An Elephant’s Weight = A Brick of Pyramid

bricks of the pyramids
Image by Flickr

Okay, let me clear it out that’s not any math test for my dear readers!

That’s just an addition to these fascinating facts about Egyptian pyramids… This one is funny as well.

The plot of pyramids thickens, and the weight of the construction bricks is the next intriguing revelation.

Can you picture a stone chunk weighing 50 tons?

Roughly 2 million bricks weighing between 2 and 50 tons apiece are supposed to have been used to build these mystery pyramids.

Like, how is this even imaginable! It’s still a puzzle how they were carried and hoisted in an era before science and construction equipment.

Over 100,000 competent persons were expected to be participating in this noble endeavor. That’s truly fascinating for me at least!

Egyptian pyramids weren’t the first

nubian pyramids
Image by Flickr

These facts about Egyptian pyramids may come as a shock to you rather than a surprise. But this is truth and this is history.

Pyramids were not introduced first by the Egyptians!

Before the Pyramids of Egypt, people had been building pyramid complexes for generations, and the Nubian great pyramid is a prominent example.

The Egyptians are the most well-known constructors due to their high regard for them and the fact that many of them have been preserved.

The Egyptians constructed pyramids out of sandstone, which was abundant in Egypt.

On the outside, they utilized the rough, incredibly simple rocks, while on the interior, they used the precious, difficult-to-mine stones.

Other valuable gemstones were utilized, but the stone was the most common.

While doing the research this one definitely got me to my shock! I always believed Egyptians were the 1st ones to build these incredible pyramids, but as I always say life teaches you a lot of things and this is one of them.

The system contained anti-earthquake and anti-overheating features

A civilization that was ruled the earth before there was any science or advanced technology! I would say these facts about Egyptian pyramids are simply incredible!

The Egyptian designers of the time built these structures without academic credentials in order to withstand earthquakes and extreme temperatures.

All of these are to ensure the conservation and restoration of the mummies. They were truly genius and way ahead of their time! Do they somehow know how to time travel!!! Forget it! That’s just my suspicious mind talking…

Alignment with the stars

star alignments of the egyptian pyramids

these facts about Egyptian pyramids say the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper appear to have been employed by Ancient Egypt! Did you know what was their specialty?  

They were employed to position these wonderful pyramids in a north-east direction likewise the stars are.

This synchronization is so exact that their north-south locations are within 0.05 degrees of precision.

It is crucial to note, however, that the position of the stars is always shifting, although at a very slow pace.

Still isn’t it an amazing fact about ancient Egyptians precision regarding stars!

While these particular facts about Egyptian pyramids might sound childish it is the centuries believed that the pyramids were a gateway for Pharaohs to guide them to the afterlife.

The pyramids were erected to religiously guide the deceased pharaohs into the underworld, in addition, to be being burial monuments for their family.

The Egyptians were very spiritual, and they thought that the pyramids provided safe passage to the afterlife.

They believed in numerous Egyptian deities, sacred animals and emperors transformed into gods after death.

The sphinx was placed at the entrance to the pyramid to guard the deceased rulers from psychic threats.

These convictions led to the development of this priceless edifice.

The Pharaoh curse still protecting the pyramids

These facts about Egyptian pyramids are both spooky and surprising as it speaks about the infamous curse of the Pharaohs.

The Sphinx was designed to guard the deceased emperors against psychic disruption as they passed towards the heavens, but the Pharaoh’s curse is claimed to have protected the pyramids and all within them, including the pharaoh’s relatives and possessions.

This goes some way to explaining why many treasure hunters and scholars who have attempted to unravel the secrets of the pyramids have met with ill fortune and even death.

Some scientists believe the ailments are linked by germs, but Egyptians are certain it is much more.

Not all pyramids were pointing making a perfect triangle

These facts about Egyptian pyramids are really very startling.

Whenever you think about the wonder of the pyramids, I can bet you never fail to think of it as a perfect pointy triangle!

Tell me honestly in the comments below! Besides, it was my personal belief as well regarding the pyramids! But, I kind of doubted myself regarding these beliefs as not all the pyramids were perfectly pointing!

Whereas the Giza monuments receive the majority of the limelight, Egypt also has numerous smaller, utterly amazing pyramids, such as the “stepped pyramids.”

In reality, one of the earliest pyramids built by Egypt may be discovered at Saqqara, and it is thought to have been built some 4,700 years ago.

It has steep sides and a flat top, and it was built like that of the mausoleum of Egyptian pharaoh Djoser.

Previously, tombs were built as mastabas, which were shorter, plain constructions with sloping sides.

In reality, Djoser’s pyramid is said to have begun as a mastaba and then expanded for unspecified reasons to become the 197-foot-high stepping pyramidal we witness now.

Did you startle yourself with these new facts about Egyptian pyramids? Well, it is not over yet!

One of the most powerful antique AC systems ever invented

When I say ancient Egyptians were one of a kind when it comes to advanced technology or making science doubt itself!

I mean it… These facts about Egyptian pyramids are really proving my points!

Regardless of the fluctuating conditions, the warmth within these enigmatic buildings has never exceeded 20 degrees Celsius.

Egypt is a place where the sun is blistering hot each day, but the heat within the pyramids has never been influenced. The normal temperature of the planet is 20 degrees Celsius.

It’s still a big secret how the ancient people came up with such high-tech architecture.

A sole pyramid took 23 years to construct

Well, these facts about Egyptian pyramids really put me in a baffling place! How long do you think it would have taken to construct these incredibly complex shapes?

These are magnificent works of art. These are not just art, they are magnificent both in terms of effectiveness and architectural facts.

The construction of the Pyramids of Giza took approximately 23 years!

Besides this, few of the pyramid was constructed at the very same time and required roughly the same amount of time.

The design of these buildings is currently under investigation.

No doubt in that, they are flawless examples of antique craftsmanship. Even the most eminent academics are baffled by this level of mechanical excellence.

Passageways and mysterious containers were uncovered in the pyramids

When it comes to mysterious and surprising facts about Egyptian pyramids, these revealing secrets really leave serene goosebumps in your skin!

Like this one… Passageways or you may call it secret tunnels, have been uncovered under the Giza pyramids, indicating that the Egyptians perfected this construction technique long before we did.

There were also boxes that were cut with great precision, in addition to passageways.

Each of these containers weighed up to 100 tons.

Many people actually believed they were built to conceal animals, however, no evidence of animals has ever been found within the pyramids, thus this notion cannot be proven.

What do you think these tunnels were covering for all these years?

Every pyramid had been looted of its riches

These facts about Egyptian pyramids have really startled and baffled us throughout the article!

But we have known by this know that how advanced and precise were the ancient Egyptians were!

They had installed a temperature controller, AC system, earthquake preventer, and what not for the sake of their magnificent creation!

But little did we know that they were also human and they were equally involved in the robbery, in clear words! Grave robbery!

Egyptians thought that their pharaohs, together with their valuables and occasionally even their enslaved, should be hidden away together.

As a result, gold, jewels, garments, and other valuables were placed in the tombs with the bodies.

Other countries’ monarchs, on the other hand, have demolished the pyramid and stolen the gems and wealth back to their own countries over the years.

Despite the fact that the pyramids are extremely difficult to destroy, lesser pyramids were attacked and their treasures looted.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is an excellent illustration of this.

An unsuccessful break-in is documented, and the massive trench created in the pyramid’s construction can still be seen today.

Since the building of these pyramids is so astounding, considerable study has gone into trying to build complexes that are equally as powerful and effective.

The artillery used still is a mystery, and experts haven’t been able to pinpoint where it originated from.

The antiquity Civilizations’ ability to form buildings with such accuracy is astounding, and this cautious, smart level of building projects can be seen in other Egyptian landmarks, not just the great pyramid.

They accomplished more than contemporary man does now without the use of machines even before the creation of the wheel.

When you examine the early pyramid to the later versions, you can notice a growth in their construction processes, such as the exquisite polish of the facades.

They are truly a civilization that doesn’t wait for the advancement of the planet to create something magnificent, rather they just create the advancement! Truly amazing!

Final Words

These facts about Egyptian pyramids definitely left you awestruck while some of them make you wonder about the advanced technology and science’s actual capability!

Do not forget to let me know which of these surprising facts about Egyptian pyramids really in a true sense left you baffling!

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