8 Most Mysterious Forbidden Places to Avoid Visiting

forbidden places

We’re sick and tired of hearing a lot of fascinating information about the destinations we are permitted to visit. Some mysterious forbidden places in the world shouldn’t grab tourist eyeballs.

And when we come to a destination that excites us from within our core, we often tend to think to ourselves, “Oh, that’s terrific!

I will be putting this one on my wish list and go there one day!”

But what about the places that we should undoubtedly skip before adding them to any list?

What about the places we’re not permitted to enter?

It’s difficult to believe that some mysterious places exist in our world.

There are airbases, for example, that only allow their employees access.

Some ancient places are so delicate that human influence can significantly harm them. These can be some other usual or unusual places like the mysterious Bermuda triangle!

These places hold a lot of secrets like area 51 mysteries that are sometimes better when unopened!

There are also hazardous places where none of us would want to go. Nonetheless, many of these forbidden places tempt us, like a forbidden fruit that once tempted Adam that becomes irresistible right away.

They attract certainly interested tourists like a magnetic force, prompting them to seek out new locations to experience.

Mysterious Forbidden Places

That’s for the sake of your own life, it’s best not to even try to visit these mysterious places that we are about to discuss.

So let’s have a look at some of the most fascinating yet considered forbidden mysterious places in this very beautiful world that can only be visited only legally by scientists, experts, army members, or thrill-seekers (Illegally)!

Heard Island

Heard Island - Forbidden Places
Heard Island from Sentinel-2 | Image by Wikimedia Commons

This mysterious place yet so magnificently beautiful is located in Australia in between Antarctica and Madagascar.

You will have a hard time believing the fact that this mysterious place is considered one of the world’s least explored places!

This place is a part of Australia from a political perspective.

On Heard Island, there are two active volcanoes and it is utterly desolate.

The entire place was formed by volcanic eruptions, which ended in limestone.

The Australian government prohibited entrance to the forbidden and mysterious place to protect the endangered natural environment.

Lascaux Caves

Lascaux Caves
Lascaux Caves | Image by Wikimedia Commons

I would not love to say this is a mysterious place but one of the attractive forbidden places.

Confused, well, don’t be!

The Lascaux Cave, located in France city, is a goldmine for historians and archaeologists all around the globe.

They are the work of several centuries, and the age of the paintings is now commonly considered to be over 17,000 years old.

The cave’s inner interior walls are covered in about 600 visual wall arts. The amazingly accurate Ancient paintings attach to the surface and depict creatures such as cows, deer, buffalo, and others.

Regrettably, since 1963, the cave has been banned by the government.

Archaeologists are particularly worried that human impact may be destroying the ancient masterpiece.

However, there are now a lot of replicas of them so that people don’t miss the chance to witness these masterpieces created by our ancestors!

Doomsday Vault

Doomsday Vault
Doomsday Vault Exterior | Image by Flickr

Now you might think why a vault or safe is included in the list of mysterious places which are forbidden as well.

Well, this one has an interesting perspective that will surely fascinate you!

On the Norwegian island of Svalbard, the Doomsday Vault is a safe underused for the world’s agricultural production.

This is a safe place where you can keep a variety of plant seeds. It’s an attempt at keeping the seeds secure in the event of a catastrophic catastrophe or doomsday.

People in this era or being irresponsible are collecting seeds from all over the world to help mankind to survive any catastrophe and restart humanity again!

What a noble thought!

Crates of seeds are sent to the Doomsday Vault for long-term storage from all corners of the globe.

On certain occasions, the vault is only open to special guests. The Seed Vault is run by the Norwegian Government underneath the conditions of a collaboration with crop trust.

Niihau Island

Aerial View of The Niihau Island
Aerial View of The Niihau Island | Taken by Christopher P. Becker | Image by Wikimedia Commons

When we are talking about mysterious places which are also forbidden this island can’t miss being on this!

Niihau Island is Hawaii’s main island and the seventh biggest inhabited island. It has a population of only 160 people and is already cut off to the world.

Being a member of the US Navy or having a relative on the island are now the only ways to enter this region.

And supposedly we do not fall into this category, hence, it is prohibited for us!

Well, it was the US government who has restricted outsiders’ like you and me to access Niihau Island to protect the ecology and biodiversity of that island.

It’s no surprise that it’s a banned location that no one can access.

Here’s a fun fact! In 1864, Elizabeth Sinclair bought Niihau from the Kingdom of Hawaii for only US $170,000 in 2020!

Later on, her ancestors inherited the island’s exclusive possession.

It’s not fully forbidden for travelers, the tourists have been able to participate in a small selection of supervised sports trips and shooting safaris since 1987.

Bruce and Keith Robinson, brothers, are currently in charge of the island who are the ancestors of Elizabeth Sinclair.

Besides all of this, the Niihau people are known for their exquisite craftsmanship.

Also, they are primarily bilingual in Hawaiian and English which is proving their sportiness to keep pace with the world!

Hoia Forest

Hoia Forest - Forbidden Places
Hoia Forest Take by Cristian Bortes | Image by Flickr

This mysterious place of woodland was nicknamed by the general people the Bermuda Triangle of Romania”.

Why is that!

Because this mysterious place is considered to be a portal to another realm where no alive wants to enter.

This has become a no-entry zone for the public at large as a result of several persons vanishing throughout the generations.

People who make it all through unharmed, on the other hand, have experienced unusual experiences as well as strange irritation that last a long time.

Several UFOs have also been seen flying above the woodland. Several strange things have happened in this woodland, like a woman being disappearing for five long years, without being seen for a single day. Then suddenly appearing in the same clothes and without having aged a little bit.

Tree stumps that resemble one’s physical traits and develop uncannily characterize the area’s environment.

It seems like all of this was not enough to make this forbidden that sorcery is also claimed to be practiced around.

According to several legendary myths, it’s not unusual to come across burnt animal hides, decaying carcasses, broken skeletons, quenched fires, as well as odd satanic symbols.

I think this much eeriness is probably enough for today!

Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil
Bir Tawil | Image by Flickr

Although this is just a piece of land still it is considered one of the mysterious places because of the reason of its unclaimed nature!

A piece of land separating Egypt and Sudan is deserted and unclaimed by neither country.

Egypt and Sudan are engaged in a land conflict over a much more important parcel of land, and neither wishes to exert sovereignty over Bir Tawil.

This strip of land, caused by errors in colonization maps, exists between the two countries.

Several people have attempted to seize control of the only unclaimed habitable area on Earth to form a new Micronation.

The path to this location was closed off after many such attempts, with individuals from both sides being refused entry.

In a world like this where people kill other people for lands, this piece of land still untouched and unclaimed by both countries surely rises many suspicious eyes!

The Vault of Coca-cola

Vault of Coca-cola - forbidden places
Vault of Coca-cola | Image by Wikimedia Commons

Well again in today’s pick there is another vault and it is considered mysterious for all good reasons!

It’s the coca-cola vault!

Coca-Cola’s -recipe is regarded as one of the finest mysteries in the world, and the company keeps it concealed in a massive security facility.

This recipe has been tightly guarded since it was created in Atlanta by John Pemberton, and only a select few were able to acquire it.

In 1919, several investors led by Ernest Woodruff bought the soft drink and the business, and the formula was kept under lock and key at a New York bank until 1920.

The corporation opted to move the iconic Coca-Cola recipe to an Atlanta museum in 2011, but whereas many visitors visit the facility each year, the people who can get through are few and restricted.

Of course, no one wants to let you know your secrets behind this enormous success so you should skip this one to visit!

North Brother Island

North Brother Island
North Brother Island | Image by Wikimedia Commons

Year after year, a large number of tourists go to New York City, eager to see every inch of the city – except for one.

Because most of North Brother Island’s structures are in a severe condition of decay, access is prohibited without specific permission.

Nature is consuming the deserted facilities and wreckage of what was once the city’s isolation facility on the inside.

This mysterious place of North Brother Island was first identified in 1614, and its background is linked with death and suffering: for centuries, the island confined persons with extremely infectious diseases.

The island’s mortuary housed all of those who deceased there.

It was used as a rehabilitation center starting in the 19’s.

After being abandoned in the middle of the 19’s, North Brother Island became the possession of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

As of now, this forbidden and mysterious place operates as a nature preserve.

Final Words

You’ve now discovered a handful of the numerous frightening, mysterious, and otherwise forbidden places that are off-limits to the public at large, from a volcano-infested island to a vault with a very rare secret formula.

All of these locations have a fascinating history that explains why they are so secluded and mysterious!

Nothing is more enticing than a forbidden place.

The fact that you are not permitted to visit a place makes you desire to go there even more.

If that’s your scene, I’m sure you’re planning for some unauthorized and banned rides while we talked about the world’s most mysterious and forbidden destinations, many of which are unthinkable to explore!

Don’t forget to let me know how successful your visit to these locations was.

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