WORST Human Experimentation – Project MK ULTRA

project mk ultra - worst human experimentation

When do I ask you what is the job of a country’s government?

You probably will answer typically like “to run the country, handle the economy, maintaining law & order, etc.” RIGHT?

What if I tell you that some governments have conducted experiments on their citizens? Let me clarify this as well, these experiments were far worse than anything you could even imagine in your wildest, scariest dreams!

You heard me right… I am talking about the US government who has worked on similar human experimentation called Project MK ULTRA.

And here me telling you, why this experiment considered to be most notorious and sinister human experiment ever conducted in the history of human civilization…

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Operation Paperclip

Project MK Ultra (or MK-Ultra) was the code name for a series of human experimentation beings that the US Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA)
planned and carried out, some of which were illegal.

The final breath of the Second World War was taken on September 2, 1945. According to humans, this was a breath of fresh, conscious air. People were overjoyed at the prospect of peace but let me tell you, following the war, allies, particularly England and America, went to Germany and interrogated thousands of scientists, as well as seizing piles of war records that allegedly contained vital information.

They had obtained the Osenberg List as a result of this process. This list consists of top Nazi doctors, physicists, chemists, engineers, and technicians. Can you smell the doom!

To acquire an advantage over the Soviets, US and British intelligence planned to extract Hitler’s finest scientific minds. This entailed bringing elite Nazi doctors, physicists, chemists, engineers, and technicians to America.

So that they can stay in America and work on developing biological weapons. This was later called Operation Paperclip.

The experts on this list ranged from rocket scientists to those researching human mind control!

From this point forward, Project MK Ultra was launched, in which these scientists, along with the government, began working on capturing and controlling the human mind! In a nutshell, brainwashing and psychological torture are used to weaken people and force them to reveal their darkest secrets!

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All of these kinds of stuff might sound like the stuff of horror science fiction! How I wish it was true! But sometimes the truth is even stranger than horror fiction…

Project MK ULTRA

So, what was the Project MK ULTRA? The US government worried that Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean agents
were employing mind control to brainwash US prisoners of war in Korea in the 1950s and 1960s, at the height of the
Cold War.

In response, Project MK Ultra was approved by Allan Dulles, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in 1953.

The secret effort attempted to develop techniques for controlling human behavior with drugs and other psychological manipulators that may be used against Soviet bloc opponents.

More than 150 human experiments employing psychedelic substances, paralytics, and electroshock therapy were conducted as part of the program.

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Here are some shocking details! The test volunteers were sometimes aware that they were taking part in a study, but other times they were completely unaware, even when the hallucinogens began to work. You ask “HOW?”-

Well, many of the experiments took place in colleges, hospitals, and jails throughout the United States and Canada, without even telling people that what exactly they were putting into by governments.

Imagine, you are going to the hospital to check up on your BP or something else, putting trust in the doctors near you. While you trust them, they are injecting you with things that might harm you very wrongly!

All of it, without your permission! How scary that thought could be for a normal citizen like you and me…

The majority of these testing took place between 1953 and 1964, although it’s unclear how many people were engaged because the CIA kept notoriously bad records and destroyed most Project MK Ultra documentation when the program was formally terminated in 1973.

Let me walk you through the terror of this project that you might even don’t want to believe!

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LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)

Imagine being induced with horrific drugs without your consent! That’s exactly what happened with that period with American citizens!

Under the leadership of government scientist and poison expert Sidney Gottlieb, the CIA began experimenting with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). He feared the CIA could use the drug’s mind-altering effects to brainwash people or torture them psychologically.

The CIA began funding studies on the drug’s effects at Columbia University, Stanford University, and other institutions under the supervision of Project MK Ultra.

The medication was found to be too unpredictable for use in intelligence after a series of experiments. MDMA (ecstasy), mescaline, heroin, barbiturates, methamphetamine, and psilocybin (“magic mushrooms”) were all used in Project MK Ultra. I think now you can guess the terror scale of this notorious experiment!

Wait! The horror doesn’t end in here!

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Operation Midnight Climax

To what extent a crazy government’s crazy wish regarding human experiments can go? That too without unnoticed! Well, let me walk you through it…

Operation Midnight Climax was a Project MK Ultra experiment in which government-hired prostitutes enticed unwary males
to CIA “safe houses” where drug tests were performed.

Yes, you heard me right! They did it! Not only that, the CIA gave the men LSD and then watched how the drug affected their motions while drinking alcohol behind a two-way mirror.

That depicts their cruelty level. Humans have not treated as humans anymore, just a subject to achieve the desired goal!

In the rooms of the prostitutes, recording gadgets disguised as electrical plugs were put. The majority of the experiments for Operation Midnight Climax took place in San Francisco and Marin County, California, as well as New
York City.

The operation had no monitoring, and the CIA officers engaged admitted that the atmosphere was loose and party-like. The government was continually suppressing these infamous activities. They didn’t even hesitate to kill people to accomplish this!

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The Death of Frank Olson

frank olson - project mk ultra

Frank Olson worked for the CIA as a scientist. It was reported that Olson consumed a drink that had been secretly
contaminated with LSD at a 1953 CIA retreat.

Olson died a few days later, on November 28, 1953, after falling from a New York City hotel room window in an apparent suicide.

Was it suicide! I think not… although people were speculating the reason for his suicide was his immense workload. Olson’s family was also quite accepted this theory to console themselves with their beloved one’s sudden demise. Was that all? Or was it more?

Well. Olson was an expert in air weapons. It is something that fires gas shots made of compressed air or other mechanically pressurized gases which can be used to torture people in unthinkable ways!

It was assumed, that Olson got to know that his expertise was misconducted by the governments to torture innocent peoples.

He couldn’t bear these horrors. So he wanted to bring everything in the light of truth! He wanted to expose. He resigned from his job just 4 days before his mysterious death.

Then he was told to go to New York to get psychological treatment, only then his resignation will be accepted. And you already know what happened in New York!

Did it ring any bell? Was it a suicide or a murder? You tell me…

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In 1994, Frank Olson’s family opted to have a second autopsy conducted but it didn’t happen for obvious reasons. A forensics team discovered injuries on the body that had happened before the fall.

The revelations inspired conspiracy theories that Olson was murdered by the CIA.

When in 1975, all the Project MK ULTRA-related project files were published in the public domain, the murder theory became even more evident.

Olson’s family later filed a case against the CIA. Later on, to suppress this gave $750,000 payment to Olson’s family. They even received a personal apology from President Gerald Ford and then-CIA Director Richard Helms for drugging Olson with LSD. Although they didn’t accept the murder charge it’s an open secret!


So, we are in the endgame now. As usual in the endgame, all of these notorious activities were coming in front of people’s eyes.

And as you know, as soon as these secrets unfolded before public eyes, the government has to scale down these activities. That’s what happened with Project MK ULTRA.

In fact, it was told that from 1969 the scales of these experiments were downsizing. By the end of 1973, it was wrapped up! When these horrific activities were being unfolded, People started to lose faith in the government and they demanded justice.

At this moment, the CIA director played a clever game. He destroyed documents regarding the project MK ULTRA, making a full investigation of Project MK Ultra impossible!

Still, proceeding and legalities were conducted and some of the documents were revived and he is the source from which I can inform you of these happenings!

These documents were indicating the project’s small scale. But you think yourself how big can the scale of this project was where thousands of scientists were working and how many institutions, hospitals, and so on were involved! Does the CIA even confirm that this project just took the life of Frank Olson?

BUT…Is it believable to you? Let me know about it…

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