6 Impossible Places That Surprisingly Exist on Earth

impossible places

You will not believe that there are some places in the world that people still struggle to figure out how they even exist!

These places baffled people over the years about their existence.

A river that can boil eggs, rivers with stars, a fall that turns anything into stone, a city where no one is awake and what not!

These impossible places actually exist, and while natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon are well known for their immense magnitude, the world we live in is full of mystery and even some things that science cannot quite explain yet.

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Impossible Places That Actually Exist

Believe it or not, the majority of us have never heard of some amazing places out there.

Our land is beautiful, but wouldn’t you agree that there are still certain locations out there that appear to be so far from reality? It’s difficult to believe they’re real.

Let us have a look at places that is scientifically impossible to exist but do.

Devil’s Kettle

When a river splits into two parts and one part of water just disappears into thin air, how will you even explain this?

The Devil’s Kettle, in Minnesota, is a magical place. The Brule River divides at a granite structure along Lake Superior’s north side.

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One stream continues its journey in Lake Superior after cleaving into two, but experts are still unsure about the course of the other stream.

Scientists used ping pong balls and colors to conduct experiments but found no evidence of the water being kept beneath.

Nobody knows where the water disappears!

There is still no real confirmation as to where the water goes and if it showed up in the lake ever, but shockingly it just doesn’t!

Anything that went in never went up again. What if a person falls into there, can he ever show up?

The Sleeping City of Kalachi

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Many of us dream to have a Sunday that will be dedicated only to sleep. That is a dream that we all wish to come true…

But what happens when it comes into reality! Once you arrive here, you may have unexplainable periods of drowsiness. People here suffer from ‘sleep sickness,’ which even the locals attribute to an abandoned uranium mine.

People have even reported illusions, memory problems, and exhaustion. The sleeping illness was formerly thought to be caused by radiation exposure from a Uranium mine, but no actual evidence has been produced to support this theory.

This community of Kalachi is located in Kazakhstan. In there, suddenly people were falling asleep even time of their walking!

The people of that time were terrified whether they will be able to wake up next time from their sleep.

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The coma state situation was affecting everyone including young people, old people, newborns, and even the animals were not spared from this.

And one day this sleeping outbreak just went away! Boof! Did you find it creepy or just weird?

The Boiling River

Water! That is so hot and it can melt any living thing alive without any kind of volcanic effect. Sound impossible, right?

Well, a four-mile river runs through Peru’s Amazon rainforest. Even though the river has boiling water, it is not volcanic, which is surprising in and of itself.

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The water is heated to an average of 196 degrees Fahrenheit along its whole length. When an unlucky animal falls into the river, the heated water cooks it from the inside out as it tries to swim to safety.

For several years, scientists believed that the existence of this river was scientifically impossible due to its remote location from volcanic activity.

Andres Ruzo, a local Peruvian geothermal specialist, decided to investigate.

Ruzo discovered the boiling river in Mayantuyacu’s sacred healing place, which is under the authority of a powerful sorcerer, and his companions thought he was demented. Because of a gigantic snake spirit that can bring out both hot and cold water, this four-mile-long river is thought to be boiling.

This location is well-known as a traditional healing center. So it’s totally up to you which one you want to believe as nothing has ever proven scientifically about its existence. That is why it is on the list of the impossible places on earth.

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Circles of Namibia

How would you explain a desert with fairy circles in it? To witness this strange collection of red circular patches on the sandy floor of the Namibia desert, you’ll have to go all the way to the Atlantic side of South Africa.

Scientists have been attempting to figure out where these patches come from for years. The “fairy circles,” which range in size from five to 130 feet in diameter and can only be seen from a bird’s eye perspective, are known as “fairy circles.”

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In the ground, there are millions of cryptic designs. In the scientific community, these are referred to as fairy circles. I know the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is, “Oh those fairies.”

However, to answer that question, those fairies do not exist. There are two major possibilities. One is that termite nests can be found beneath the surface.

The idea is that each circle represents a termite colony, implying that there are a lot of termites in the African deserts.

Another notion is that the patterns are caused by water competition. The bare earth attracts more rainfall, which the grass growing around the circle’s perimeter can easily access.

In any case, these fairy circles are unmistakably mysterious.

Can I tell you an interesting fact?
The unusual low-level magnetism of these spirals is one odd trait. When you pull a magnet around the circle, it will pick up more soil on the inside of the circle than on the outside. Umm! I smell mystery… What about you?

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The Petrifying Well

This place is one of the most mysteriously impossible places that actually exist on earth.

A well that can turn anything into stone! Sounds astounding, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it is.

Why, how, and when… let’s get to know now!

On the banks of the Nidd River in North Yorkshire, England, one of the UK’s oldest ‘Pay to Visit’ tourist attractions. This cave near Knaresborough, once thought to be cursed by the devil or a witch, looks like something out of H.P Lovecraft’s head; the cave’s entrance resembles a skull.

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The oddest thing is that anything that comes into contact with the cave’s water turns to stone. Items placed near the cave appear to turn to stone in an incredibly short amount of time.

The cave’s waters have abnormally high mineral content, according to researchers.

This explains why the objects create a hard shell, similar to a rock, but it doesn’t answer why it happens so quickly.

While the development of rock formations can take decades, the cast spell of these objects takes only weeks or months, depending on their size.

It sounds like something out of a storybook when you think of a body of water that turns objects into stones, yet Mother Shipton’s Petrifying Well does just that.

People have frightened the waters that fill this well since the 1600s, while others have experimented with it by dropping various items into the water to see what unfolds.

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People have put their clothes, stuffed toy animals, toys, and other objects in the well, only to find them hard as rock three to five months later.

I like most this one in the list of impossible places that actually exist on earth.

Never-Ending Lightning Storms

This is one of the most frightening impossible places that actually exist on earth.

Anyone terrified of thunderstorms must maintain a strategic distance from Western Venezuela. If you ask why will let you know in some time.

Lightning storms over the Catatumbo river start nearly every night at 7:00 p.m. and last until near morning. As lightning shoots across the sky over the ocean, it can happen more than 260 nights a year.

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In 2010, there was a six-week stretch without storms, leading scientists to question if they would return. Following the hiatus, the storms have returned and are still raging, despite scientists’ inability to pinpoint the cause.

The presence of uranium in the foundation was formerly thought to have contributed to the storms, but this was eventually dismissed as a far-fetched theory.

According to another idea, the unique structure of the mountains there produces a conflict between warm wind patterns and chilly air coming from the Andes. After coming into contact with the quickly evaporating water below and the methane from the neighboring oilfield, the winds cause the thunderstorm.

Nobody, on the other hand, could figure out what was causing the thunderstorm. I’m planning for my vacation next at this place! As I love thunderstorms, Do you?

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Final Words

These impossible places stand alone in the world, as it doesn’t go with the existential criteria either.

From sea to shining sea, the world is full of gorgeous places to visit. But what about the world’s peculiarities? Nature doesn’t always follow the rules, as evidenced by a few spooky, bizarre, and probably impossible areas.

The places mentioned in the list do the full justice with that. They are impossible places to exist yet they EXIST! That is what makes them uniquely beautiful.

I’m in love with the facts associated with these impossible places. What about you? Which place do you fall in love with or fright you out the most?

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