Top 5 Largest Container Ships in the World

largest container ships

People are always amazed by gigantic ships floating in the ocean around the world. If you are like me, obviously you would love to have a look at these huge man-made vessels. Aren’t you?

From billion-dollar passenger ships to largest container ships or deadly warships, they are always amazing to travel or watch over their enormity. They are like a floating kingdom!

At this moment, many types of ships are on the way to deliver billion-dollar products. Marchants love to use naval routes to deliver products because it is a cheap and worthy way of dealing with international consumers.

Shipping companies like Maersk, Evergreen, and MSC are building the largest container ships on a regular basis. These container ships are carrying tons of cargo worldwide. From one port to another port, one country to another country, they are one of the main keys of international business.

Largest Container Ships

Statistic says that over 5000 container ships are on service now. But some of those are really unimaginable with the consideration of their size and capacity.

These vessels are doing great work with their easy and cost-effective product transportation system. One of the world’s largest container ships ‘HMM Algeciras’ can carry around 23,964 TEU [Tweenty-foot Equivalent Unit] per trip. Think how big they are!!!

In this article, I’m going to rank the top 5 largest container ships worldwide from my study…

5. CMA CGM Jacques Saadé

A french transportation and shipping company named CMA CGM operates the ship. This huge vessel was built by the Chinese shipbuilding company China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and launched on September 25, 2019.

The CMA CGM Jacques Saadé is one of the biggest LNG-powered vessels in the world. The ship is also one of the largest container ships floating around the world.

With a length of 399.9 meters, the ship can carry almost 23,112 containers on a trip.

4. MSC Isabella

The MSC Isabella is a Gülsün-class container ship owned and operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). The shipbuilder company Deawoo Shipbuilding built this floating giant. She was delivered to the operating company in August 2019.

The ship is registered and operated under the flag of Panama.

This giant ship is 399.8 meters in length. The MSC Isabella has the capacity of carrying 23,656 containers on a trip, which makes her one of the largest container ships in the industry. The ship is taking an important part in the Asia-Europe trade arena.

3. MSC Gülsün

The MSC Gülsün is another huge Gülsün-class container ship owned and operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). The builder company of this ship was Samsung Heavy Industries.

She was the biggest ever container ship when she was launched in 2019. Still, she is one of the largest container ships in the world.

The MSC Gülsün is registered in Panama and uses the flag of Panama. She has the capacity of carrying 23,756 containers on a voyage.

2. HMM Stockholm

The HMM Stockholm is an Algeciras-class container ship operated by Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM). The ship was built by Samsung Heavy Industries in 2020.

With a length of almost 400 meters, the ship can carry 23,820 containers on a voyage. She is sailing under the flag of Panama.

She is the eleventh giant ship of her class and sailing for trading in between Asia-Europe. The HMM Stockholm has 11 more giant sisterships.

Because of her size and capacity, she is the second-largest container ship in the world of the shipping industry today.

1. HMM Algeciras

Here we have the largest container ship standing at number one right now. The name of this huge container vessel is HMM Algeciras. The proud owner company of this ship is HMM. She is also the largest member of the Algeciras-class container ships.

She was launched on 23 April 2020 by the builder company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME).

The HMM Algeciras is 400 meters long with a capacity of carrying 23,964 containers. That’s why she holds the title of the largest container ship in the world.

End Words

Every year, new container ships are launched for different shipping companies. So there are many more out there besides these five I’ve listed here.

These giant container ships represent the high rising level of international trade and the economical growth of the world, which indicates the rising situation of maritime technology and the world of trade. I’m not only amazed by their size and capacity but also their operating system and technology. What do you think?

Source – Wikipedia

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