5 Worst Man Made Disasters in History

Castle Bravo - Man Made Disasters

Our planet earth is the ultimate home we know. We, humans, are the liable species to keep this place safer from generation after generation.

But no! We are destroying our planet by doing massive harmful activities to earn money or showcase the power to other races.

We forget money is just a piece of paper and we also forget that together we are the human race.

From the beginning of life, there were many natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones, asteroid strikes that had performed mass destruction. Many species had already been extinct.

In today’s world, some man made disasters are doing so much harm that is threatening us to survive in the nearest future.

The extinction of humans is knocking at the door because of these man made disasters.

Scientists have already warned many times. But they can do nothing but the worst weird experiments as Government order.

Man Made Disasters

Modern civilization has developed our way of living. But like the other side of the coin, this civilization has done destructive damages to the earth’s atmosphere and mankind.

Because of them, the future generation should have to survive extinction danger.

There are already countless mass disasters people have done to the world. That’s why it is hard to pick the worst man made disasters.

Let’s explore the destructive disasters by humans I have picked for this list…

5. Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill

deepwater horizon oil spill
Image by Flickr

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is one of the biggest maritime environmental disasters in the history of mankind.

On 2010, April 20, in the Gulf of Mexico, an explosion occurred in an oil rig operated by Transocean LTD. that had taken 11 lives instantly.

Almost 143 million gallons of oil then spilled all over the ocean. The deepwater horizon oil spill callout mass destruction in the wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico.

Some silly mistakes from both operating and contractor companies were liable for one of the biggest oil spills in history.

The explosion occurred because of high-pressure methane gas that rose to the platform and exploded with 11 workers who were never seen again. 17 or more people were badly injured.

Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank on the morning of 22 April. In the afternoon of the same day, rescue mission-related personnel find out the leak of oil that covered 180000 square kilometers according to the satellite images.

After that, for almost 87 days 143 million gallons of oil floated into the ocean and destroyed the ecological balance among different sea species.

Till today the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has been considered one of the biggest man made disasters.

Many steps have been taken by the government to prevent any future destruction like this.

But, do you think they can recover from the damage they have already done to the environment of the Gulf of Mexico?

4. “Castle Bravo”

Castle Bravo - Man Made Disasters
Image by Flickr

The siren is sounding so loud. The apocalypse is near. Tension is everywhere. We see this kind of scenario in nuclear bombing movies.

The first and last nuke attack occurred in 1945 on Japan two times.

The first atomic bomb “Little Boy” was dropped in Hiroshima on 6 August and the last bomb “Fat Man” was dropped in Nagasaki on 9 August.

These two bombings were the first and last time involving nuclear warheads in an international conflict that killed more than 200,000 civilians.

Besides that many superpowerful countries developed even better thermonuclear warheads that could destroy an entire race.

They are not only developing it but also testing it on the earth’s surface.

The nuclear tests that happened from 1945 to 2013 left a massive radioactive environmental destruction for the earth.

Among those tests, “Castle Bravo” is one of the series of thermonuclear tests that was the most powerful nuclear test by the United States.

They launched approximately 15 megatons of nukes on an island. The test “Bravo” had the highest 6 megatons of explosion power.

The test was on an island called Bikini Atoll which then become one of the dangerous islands in the world to visit.

Regular people are forbidden to visit the island because of the dangerous radioactive situation.

This test was one of the biggest threats to the earth’s surface and man made disasters for the ecological system.

3. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Image from Forbes

Did you ever see an ocean full of garbage?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge OCEANIC TRASH HEAP from North America to Japan.

The oceanic garbage situation came to the light for the first time in 1988 when some scientists released research data on the garbage patch.

Today the Pacific Trash Vortex turns at least 3 times bigger than the discovery time and it is getting bigger day by day.

It’s like you are having a marine journey and suddenly see a long floating island of garbage that could even be traced from satellites. And most of the garbage is plastic.

But where did this huge amount of garbage and plastics come from?

Researchers studied the situation so closely and find out that most of the plastics floated from Asian countries including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. But the whole world can’t ignore the liability for this mass pollution and environmental disaster.

The situation affects marine life so badly. As a result, every year more than 1 million birds and 100,000 underwater creatures are dying because of this destructive oceanic pollution.

Different governments and organizations have already taken steps to clean the ocean. But it is not enough to just clean.

Humans should be more aware of their industrial waste and garbage management to avoid further mass man made disasters like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

2. Jilin Chemical Plant Explosions

Jilin Chemical Plant Explosions
Image by Flickr

On November 13, 2005, a series of explosions in a petrochemical plant occurred in Jilin, China where six people died instantly and many were injured.

The explosion not only took several lives but also contaminated the environment.

The plant was situated near the Songhua River. So the explosion mixed chemical substances with the water. Then the pollution carried to other rivers and also the maritime life.

The destruction happened to the wildlife of the Songhua river and it affected humans also.

Citizens from two major cities in China Jilin and Harbin were directly dependent on the Songhua River for water supply. The whole water supply system became contaminated because of the chemical reaction.

Jilin chemical plant explosion ruined both human life and wildlife for a vast area. That’s why it is considered one of the biggest man made disasters in the world.

1. Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion

Chernobyl Nuclear disaster was the most dangerous nuclear accident ever happened to this world.

After the second world war, authorities from powerful countries focused on producing electricity by using nuclear energy.

At that time USA & Soviet Union were the superpowers powering the world. During the cold war, they gained previously unimaginable nuclear energy.

For producing a high amount of electricity at a low cost, Soviet Authority built Chernobyl Power Plant on the border of Ukraine and Belarus.

On 26 April 1986, the authority ran an experiment to check out some technical security.

But the experiment failed because of the cooler system failure in the fourth reactor. As a result, a big explosion happened in the reactor that killed almost 100 people directly.

But in long-term damage, there were a lot of dead names. It’s because of the radioactive air that polluted almost 2000 square kilometers of area.

More than 60000 people were instantly evacuated. Cities in that area will not be livable for the next thousands of years because of radioactivity.

After this accident, people have observed the destruction of a huge nuclear disaster. The most damage happened to the wildlife of Chernobyl.

Damages are countless and the environmental balance disturbed so massively because of the Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion.

That’s why it is the most dangerous man made disaster in history.

End Note

We, people, can not avoid the responsibility to keep this world livable. But if we don’t stop doing harmful activities, there will be a time when we all would extinct.

Some people like Elon Musk are trying to colonize other planets like Mars. But that sounds like a futuristic fairytale though they’ve gone far with their research.

There should be unity to protect our planet and ignore man made disasters for the sake of our near-future survival.

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