Top 7 Most Dangerous Islands on the Planet to Visit

Poveglia Island

Have you ever felt the need to get away from all of your boring work, stressful office and personal life, and household duties? If you enjoy the outdoors, a vacation on a remote island would be perfect. Can you agree more?

The thing is that in all the tropical paradises that you usually think they are, there are a lot of islands that are best to stay away from. Kind of like the islands that are on our list today. Some islands should never be visited. Cause they are the world’s most dangerous islands.

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There are a few islands that are full of highly unpredictable dangers, and it would almost certainly be impossible to avoid once locked on these islands. These islands may appear to be gorgeous, but discovering them is a horrible idea.

Most Dangerous Islands

People nowadays often believe that they may travel anyplace they want as long as they have the time and money to do it. People broaden their horizons by going to places they are inexperienced with.

People who are seeking a unique and thrilling vacation journey to islands in particular. However, their beauty hides a grave danger. Exploring them is frequently considered a bad idea.

In today’s list, we’ll go through our top seven dangerous islands on the planet. Let’s have a glance at these picks and see how these islands are by far the most captivating and dangerous to explore!

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7. Ramree Island (Crocodile Island, Burma)

Ramree Island-most dangerous islands
Image by Pixabay

If you ever come across any article related to dangerous islands in the world, one name certainly pops up in the list, and that is Ramree Island.

Ramree Island is a small island off the coast of Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Ramree Island is the largest island in Burma and the whole Rakhine State.

The island is around 1,350 square kilometers (520 square miles) in size, with Ramree being the main population hub. Yanbye Island is the Burmese name for the island.

You might have predicted why this is on our list today based on the name! Because of the crocodiles, yes.

As I previously stated, it is regarded to be one of the most dangerous islands in the world. On today’s list, what puts this island is that it is a vast swamp that is home to thousands of giant saltwater crocodiles.

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Also, keep in mind that! They may not be friendly. The crocodiles are not the only ones; malaria-carrying mosquitos, as well as poisonous scorpions, accompany them! Hmm… By the way, I despise three of them!

6. Saba Island (Netherlands)

saba island
Image by Flickr

Isn’t this island a thing of beauty within itself? It appears to be tranquil and relaxing. If that is indeed the case, then why is this on our list whatsoever? Let’s take a closer look at this in this segment…

Saba Island is an unfortunate island that lies close to the hurricane’s epicenter.

In the last 100 years, the island has been battered by more storms than any other has. As per the Caribbean Hurricane Network’s website, Saba has been affected by more severe hurricanes than any other island in the region in the last 150 years, including 15 category three storms and 7 category five storms.

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As a result of these natural disasters, it became a popular hideaway for smugglers and pirates. That is how it made it to our list of dangerous islands! What about you? Do you get the sad feeling about this one?

5. Izu Islands, Japan

If you visit the Izu Islands in the dead of the night, you could hear an alarm and be surprised by a confused, wandering kid wearing a mask, who extends his hand and asks, “You are my mom?”

Confused! Don’t be…

The area is situated on top of an active volcanic chain, which has erupted six times in the last century. The threat comes not only just from volcanic eruptions but also from the world’s highest amounts of poisonous gasses (particularly sulfur) oozing up through the ground regularly.

Following a series of eruptions from Mount Oyama, the island’s principal volcano, a widespread evacuation was ordered in 2000 due to abnormally high levels of poisonous gas in the vicinity.

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Due to the high levels of sulfur, all aircraft into the area was halted for over eight years.

Residents of Miyakejima were eventually allowed to resume their “normal” lives in 2005, albeit they were obliged to maintain a gas mask with them at all times. So it is one of the most dangerous islands to visit.

4. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands
Image by Flickr

The area is so deadly that the Indian government has prohibited its citizens from coming near it. It is illegal to come within three miles of the island. Umm… Interestingly suspicious…

Must be wondering why that is! Let me clear your views about this.

Outsiders are prohibited from accessing the island to safeguard the residents and their way of life. Contact with the outside world could put the Sentinelese people at risk, as they are unlikely to have antibodies to even common illnesses like flu and diseases due to their complete solitude.

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-Are you sure no one has ever attempted to enter that location?

-Of course, they did, but there is one thing to note: the Sentinelese are notorious for their aggressiveness and refusal to communicate with strangers. When we talk about violence, we’re talking about extreme cases!

That’s why it’s one of the dangerous islands on the planet to have a traveler like you and me!

3. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

This one is very radioactively beautiful! Yes, you sure did get your answer with compliments!

Now, let’s give you a small tiny tour of this island.

The United States selected this magnificent island as a nuclear test site in 1946. The hydrogen and atomic bombs have been tested on this island for the past 12 years.

Throughout this time, the Atoll has been the site including over 65 experiments.

The significant threat for islanders and tourists nowadays is extreme radiation levels. Since the second departure in 1978, the islanders have not lived on the atoll.

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A person wandering around the island poses no radioactive risk, and one can live safely on Bikini as long as the food is imported.

The island’s food supply is still radioactive, and the group advises against resettling the island. Bikini is still not safe for habitation, according to a 1998 IAEA report because of its radiation level.

Because of its high radiation level, I’m putting this island on the list of dangerous islands to visit.

2. Poveglia Island (Italy)

Poveglia Island
Image by Flickr

Poveglia, a tiny island around the size of Sheep’s Field in Central Park or half of Navy Pier in Chicago, is claimed to be so malevolent that it would be difficult to find an Italian willing to explore it.

Anglers would not even fish in the area surrounding Poveglia, which has now been closed to visitors for many years.

This is considered one of the spookiest and dangerous islands in history!

-Why? Let you know in a bit!

Povelgia wasn’t always a dark region filled with horrific atrocities. The island was a thriving economic center with an increasing population until 1378, according to documentation dating back to 421. The population of Poveglia, known as Povegliotti, was evacuated to Venice during the Chioggia battle.

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In 1381, the war was finally concluded. Povelgia was destroyed, and only a few dozen people were able to return home.

Poveglia had been forgotten for generations. A “plague island” idea didn’t emerge until the plague struck Venice, killing the Doge Giovanni Mocenigo, the city’s ruler. The Venetians wanted to isolate the infected and prevent the plague from spreading further.

Poveglia had been forgotten for generations. A “plague island” idea didn’t emerge until the plague struck Venice, killing the Doge Giovanni Mocenigo, the city’s ruler.

The Venetians wanted to isolate the infected and prevent the plague from spreading further.

According to legend, people were carried kicking and screaming to the island if they showed even the tiniest signs of the Black Death.

The 7-hectare field was also utilized as a mass grave, with 160,000 dead believed to have been cremated to prevent the disease from spreading. Human ash has been said to make up over half of the island’s soil to this day.

In the 1920s, where terrible experiments, including lobotomies, were allegedly carried out in a psychiatric facility. The hospital’s mad doctor eventually committed suicide by jumping from the bell tower.

Visitors’ footage also includes images of rotting abandoned structures, a mass burial area, and objects such as old mattresses and bathrooms.

Isn’t this creepy enough to be made on this list of dangerous islands today!

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1. Ilha da Queimada, Brazil

Off the coast of Brazil, this island is home to hundreds of Golden Lancehead Vipers (thus the nickname Snake Island), which are among the world’s most venomous snakes.

Now you know why it is top of the list of dangerous islands!

There may not be a place on the earth that might kill you faster than this little island off Brazil’s coast. The threat is unmistakable! You don’t think so, do you? The snakes…

The snakes are among the world’s most deadly, with five of the slithering monsters for every square meter, according to local folklore.

For years, the island’s sole human occupant was a lighthouse keeper, but the Brazilian Navy has now barred all people from visiting.

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The Brazilian government has made it unlawful for anyone to enter the island without a strict permit. This is based on the fact that the snakes that covered the island are both endangered and highly deadly.

As a result, any idiots who come to visit have the potential to either destroy a whole species or make things even worse! Within two minutes of setting foot, you’ll be dead!

I’m afraid of snakes too much. You must not step on an island full of snakes or you can step to suicide. So it’s the first one of the most dangerous islands on the planet.

Final Words

If you have an enemy and want to eliminate him once and for all, I would recommend a ticket to any of these dangerous islands listed above and sponsoring his vacation!

I would love for one of my enemies to visit these islands, although I don’t have any… Just fooling around!

Please do tell me which of these dangerous islands crept you the most! On the other hand, which one you’d like to go to for the last time of your life!

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