5 Most Deadly Mysterious Disappearances in History

Amelia Earhart - mysterious disappearances

At least these days, it’s relatively tough to disappear without a trial. However, history is littered with instances of individuals (and entities) whose mysterious disappearances are still shocking for many.

Many of these tales have spawned science fiction and paranormal speculations, ranging from spirits to sea creatures, but while the answers are likely a lot more conventional, we just don’t have them—yet.

To say it’s weird would be an insult.

Today we’ll be looking at the scariest and most unsettling stories concerning mysterious disappearances for this list. Which of them makes you the most queasy? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

This is perhaps one of the most mysterious disappearances in recent history that is still unsolved and disheartening for all people in the world.

On March 8, 2014, more than 200 people onboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seemed to disappear mid-flight, in what is possibly the most perplexing and terrible airline mystery of all time.

Despite government officials embarking on an “extraordinary” air and sea search involving numerous countries and lasting at least 3 years, the plane and the 239 individuals remain still missing. It’s also unexplained what caused the commercial airliner to abruptly deviates from its intended path.

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The journey began as regular when the Beijing-bound Boeing 777 aircraft, carrying 12 crew members and 227 passengers, took off on time from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, it mysteriously disappeared shortly after a normal turnover of air traffic control equipment.

Instead of flying to its intended destination, the plane circled back across the Malaysian Peninsula and landed in the southern Indian Ocean, according to authorities.

Police investigator Kok Soo Chon claimed no reason could be identified or excluded out during a media briefing last summer following the release of the latest safety inspection into the incident.

He said–

“We are unable to conclude with any certainty the reason that the aircraft diverted due to the considerable insufficient evidence provided to the team,”

The flight systems were turned off manually at a certain time. However, there were no signs that the flight’s pilots had purposefully cut off communication, according to Kok. (In a 60 Minutes Australia segment in May 2018, some aviation experts disputed this finding.)

According to police, there was also the potential that a foreign entity interjected unlawfully. However, Kok noted highlighted that no one has claimed responsibility for the crime since then. “Who would do it for no reason?” he wondered.

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Mary Celeste

This mysterious disappearance has shocked everyone till today and historians still have no idea why and how this event took place.

Mary Celeste set her sailing from New York in 1872. It was sailing with a shipment of commercial alcohol.

The ship was discovered 400 miles east of the Azores over a month later.

David Morehouse, the captain of the ship that saw her, sensed something peculiar about the way she was drifting and dispatched his first mate and a small team to examine.

They encountered a puzzling scenario aboard the Mary Celeste: a ship with full sails but no one aboard. There was no trace of a conflict, and the resources included a six-month stockpile of food and water.

Most of the 1701 barrels of alcohol appeared to be unharmed. However, the lifeboat, as well as most of the ship’s paperwork and other navigational equipment, were lost.

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The rescue ship also discovered two open hatches and 3 feet of water in the hold, but the ship was otherwise in good shape.

The captain’s log had been updated 10 days before this. What could be the reason for all the crew’s sudden disappearance? Who knows!

The Mary Celeste was sailed to Gibraltar by Morehouse’s chief captain, and Morehouse eventually claimed recovery rights to the ship.

Speculation fell on him when the crew went missing—perhaps he assassinated them for the recovery rights? —but a British vice naval jury ruled no proof of foul play. (However, Morehouse received a low recovery award, possibly due to residual concerns about his role.)

Since the lifeboat appeared to have been purposefully disconnected rather than torn off in a storm, many investigators assume the crew willingly left the ship.

Some speculate that an amount of the commercial alcohol had leaked—nine barrels were later discovered empty aboard the ship—and the resulting odors terrified the crew of an explosion. They may have left in the lifeboat to keep a safe distance from the ship until the fumes abated, only to be swept away by a wave, storm, or other disasters.

Mutiny, pirates, spirits, and giant tentacles have all been suggested as possibilities for the crew’s mysterious disappearance, while more recent speculation has focused on a failing ship pump.

Regardless of the validity, the mystery has captivated audiences for generations, thanks to numerous folk tales (and modifications) in novels and movies.

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Roanoke Colony

One fine day you wake up and start to realize that the town you live in is vacant completely like there was never a human lived! You don’t find any human being just a name carved in the tree CROATOAN… don’t get so surprised yet! There is some shock left for you in this mysterious disappearance of a colony…

More than 100 colonists mysteriously disappeared from Roanoke Island, now part of North Carolina, in the late 16th century, possibly one of the oldest mysterious disappearances in the world.

The colonists landed in 1587, led by Englishman John White as part of the second (though some claim third) attempt to establish the area.

As connections with the Native Americans started to deteriorate, the colony’s early days seemed to have been marked by both joy (White’s daughter gave birth to the first British child born in the Americas about a month after arriving) and sorrow (White’s daughter gave birth to the first English child born in the New World about a month after arriving).

When the colony’s situation became precarious not long after it began, White was encouraged to return to England for soldiers and resources.

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Storms and a conflict with Spain postponed White’s return, and he didn’t return for another three years. When he returned to Roanoke Island, he discovered that neither his family nor the other immigrants had survived.

The letters “CRO” etched into a tree and the word “Croatoan” engraved into a fence post looked to be the only clues to their presence. White had left instructions that whenever the people migrated, they should carve a sign for the new location and add it across if they were in despair.

What happened to the rest of them? What is the possible reason for the mysterious disappearances of all the settlers?

Captain John Smith, leader of the Jamestown Colony, is reported to have convinced Chief Powhattan that he slaughtered the settlers because they were living near a dangerous tribe, although historians have questioned this version.

It’s also likely that some, if not all, of the colonists, disappeared in one of White’s small boats and drowned at sea, maybe attempting to return to their homeland or locate a new one. More excavations are planned for the area in late 2018 and 2019, but it appears that the colony’s secrets will be kept concealed for some time.

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Jimmy Hoffa

Inside the parking garage of the Machus Red Fox diner in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, Teamsters head Jimmy Hoffa was intended to meet gangster and fellow Teamster Anthony Provenzano, as well as gangster Anthony Giacalone.

Hoffa called his wife about the time the meeting was expected to take place, whining about being ignored. But he hadn’t returned home by the next morning, and he’s never been seen again.

The mysterious disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa still perplexed everyone.

Hoffa’s vehicle was discovered open in the parking garage, with no indications inside. An eyewitness said they saw two men conversing with Hoffa in the parking lot on the night in issue, but Provenzano and Giacalone both had solid alibis, claiming no meeting had been planned.

However, Hoffa and Provenzano were known opponents at the time (even though they had once been friends), and most people have concluded Hoffa was assassinated and that the mob was involved in some way. Yet the how this mysterious disappearance, happened, why, and where have remained a mystery.

Several individuals have come forward during the decades since, claiming to have played a role in Hoffa’s murder in one way or another, but their testimonies have always been questioned. After receiving tips linking several areas to Hoffa’s death, the FBI conducted significant excavations, but Hoffa’s body has yet to be found. And I guess will never be found again…

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Benjamin Bathurst

Benjamin Bathurst, the British diplomat to Vienna, mysteriously disappeared into thin air in 1809.

He checked in at the White Swann Inn in the Prussian city of Perleberg in November, went to dinner, and departed to his room after being returned to London.

Somewhere around 7 or 8 p.m., he discharged his guards and proceeded to check on his mentor, which he was meant to leave with at 9 p.m. He was not to be seen when his staff went to check on him around 9 p.m.

You guessed it correctly! His mysterious disappearance created a lot of tension at that time.

Admittedly, emotions were high at the time: the Revolutionary War were at their peak, and Bathurst was concerned that French operatives were hunting him.

He also seems to feel Napoleon had anything particular against him. There are signs that the 25-year-old Bathurst wasn’t in the finest of mental health, so he could have been hallucinating or misrepresenting events—especially because experts believe an envoy at the period shouldn’t have been frightened about his life.

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However, a lady who saw Bathurst sipping tea on the day he vanished claimed he was so tense that he couldn’t drink without spilling his cup.

A few days prior, two elderly ladies discovered a pair of Bathurst’s pants with pits but no blood, as well as a note from Bathurst to his wife in which he expressed his worry of never seeing England again.

Bathurst also attributed his plight to the Come d’Entraigues, a French aristocrat who later revealed himself to be a Napoleonic double agent.

The French, on the other hand, angrily denied any attempt on Bathurst’s life, insisting that he had tried to commit suicide.

Napoleon even informed Bathurst’s wife that he had nothing to do with the mysterious disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst and that she was free to travel to the Rhine region.

In 1810, she undertook a four-month inquiry but was unable to establish a conclusive explanation for her husband’s disappearance.

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Others speculate that Bathurst was assassinated by his butler or someone else who has wanted his wealth or the foreign correspondence he was carrying.

A carcass of a person slain by a strong knock to the back of the head was discovered in the cellar of a home where a man who worked at the White Swann Inn had lived in 1852, but when Bathurst’s sister saw the skull, she stated it didn’t seem like him.

Yes. That’s about it. But wait, I have a bonus for you guys…

Amelia Earhart

This is the story of Amelia Earhart whose mysterious disappearance has traumatized history till today!

Amelia Earhart is one of the most well-known female pilots in history, having inspired countless films, novels, and dramas. Earhart, who was born in Kansas in 1897, became famous for her pioneering achievements as a female pilot.

Being a woman and a flyer at the time presented many challenges, and even her own family opposed her from studying to aircraft.

Despite these obstacles, she broke numerous aviation milestones and became the first female aviator to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean.

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Then why did this impeccable lady end up in this list of mysterious disappearances today! Let’s find out…

Unfortunately, Earhart and Noonan were unable to reach their target due to gloomy skies, radio signal problems, and a lack of fuel.

This mysterious disappearance was on breaking news at that time. Despite extensive endeavors to discover the plane, which resulted in the most comprehensive air and naval search in U.s. history to that moment, Earhart and Noonan were nowhere to be found.

On January 5, 1939, Earhart was formally proclaimed dead.

The government of the United States determined in their investigation that Earhart and Noonan had run out of fuel and crashed into the huge ocean.

It’s still unknown what transpired following the crash.

Given the enigma surrounding this mysterious disappearance, various explanations have surfaced, some of which are still being contested today.

According to one hypothesis, Earhart was a secret agent for the US government who was captured by the Japanese for attempting to spy on Japanese-controlled islands.

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The most popular opinion is that Earhart and Noonan landed on Nikumaroro, an isolated island where items like tools and airplane wreckage have been discovered.

Earhart’s mysterious disappearance remains one of the most enthralling mysteries in American history, even though no theory has yet been confirmed to be correct.

Despite the tragic end of Earhart’s life, her achievements and memory continue to inspire thousands of aspiring young pilots throughout the world.

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