Top 5 Unsolved Train Mysteries

ghost train

People who vanish into thin air are always captivating.

Although it’s heartbreaking for families and friends, often people are fascinated by the thought that someone may magically disappear, especially when it appears to be of their own free will.

Strange and terrifying!

Today in this list, we are going to look into similar terrifying train mysteries that remain unsolved to this date!

Where is Andrew Gosden?

Andrew Gosden, a 14-year-old boy, is involved in one of the most mysterious missing person’s cases and train mysteries in recent memory.

Andrew resided in Sheffield with his parents and sister in 2007. He seems to have gone to school as usual on September 14th.

But he never arrived there, and when his parents noticed his school uniform in his room later on the day, they sensed something was deeply wrong.

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Andrew hurried home to change his clothing after his family had left home that day.

He then spent all of his money before arriving at Sheffield terminal, where he bought a train ticket to London’s King’s Cross terminal.

There were Surveillance videos of him there. That was the last time he was confirmed to have been seen.

Andrew’s family was mystified by his strange choice to ride to London because he had no obvious concerns.

He left no letter explaining his behavior and only carried a few belongings with himself.

The oddest aspect is that Andrew insisted on buying a one-way train fare despite being told that a return ticket would be only £1 extra.

Andrew Gosden has been missing for more than seven years, with no justification for his mysterious rail trip.

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William Terriss

Jack Hayden, a ticket attendant at London’s Covent Garden underground station, was shut up for the evening in November 1955 when he came upon a finely suited man wearing protective gear and wielding a walking stick.

Hayden vanished completely after unlocking the gates to let the person go.

Hayden encountered the same person on a stairwell soon afterward, but he vanished when Hayden shouted out to him.

The phantom creature was shortly seen by two additional workers.

When Hayden gave a sketch artist a narrative, the result was an image of a man who looked just like the spirit.

Later on, people discovered the spirit was William Terriss who was at that time a famous theater artist in Britain.

Several further reports of a creature like Terriss within Covent Garden station occurred during the next 2 decades.

The adjacent Adelphi Theatre is also said to be haunted by William Terriss’ soul.

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Terriss was scheduled to appear in a performance there on December 16, 1897, but when he arrived that night, he was brutally murdered by fellow actor Richard Archer Prince, whom Terriss had earlier sacked from another project.

Prince was a notorious mentally impaired drunkard, and the two guys had several furious disputes in the lead up to his death.

Terriss is said to haunt the Covent Garden railway, despite the fact that it did not exist while he was living because it was built on the location of his beloved bakery.

Seymour Barmore’s Assassination

If you were waiting for murder-related train mysteries, well your patience can take a break!

In 1868, Tennessee governor William Gannaway Brownlow sent a Hamilton private investigator called Seymour Barmore to Nashville for an odd job.

As part of their opposition to Reconstruction after the Civil War, the Klu Klux Klan committed acts of violence and assassination.

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Brownlow accused Barmore of penetrating the Ku Klux Klan and releasing details to the government. Barmore took the offer, but it wasn’t long before the Klan discovered he was a traitor.

Several Klansmen kidnapped Barmore from a train, held him captive up overnight, and warned him to stay off. Despite this, Barmore was adamant about completing his task.

He rode a train to Pulaski shortly afterward and crashed a covert KKK gathering there.

He subsequently boarded a train home to Nashville, but the train abruptly came to a halt near Charleston.

Over a dozen masked Klansmen boarded Barmore’s automobile and kidnapped him for the 2nd attempt. Barmore would be strangled and shot multiple times before being tossed in the Duck River on this occasion.

It was claimed that Barmore was holding a notebook with the names of several major Tennessee Klansmen, but the notebook vanished after his execution.

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Many of the crew members on Barmore’s train were reported to be Klansmen who had been instructed to stop in case he was kidnapped.

Despite the fact that representatives of the Klu Klux Klan were unquestionably involved in Barmore’s death, their whereabouts were never disclosed, and no one was ever convicted.

St. Louis Ghost Train

ghost train
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I must say, out of all the train mysteries, this one has made it my top favorite.

Why is that? You will get to know about it in a bit…

The “St. Louis Ghost Train” has been a ghostly phenomenon in the community of St. Louis, Saskatchewan, for over a decade.

Eyewitness accounts have long revealed seeing what did appear to be a train illumination in the distance appear out of nowhere and slowly approaching them at an old railway crossing outside the town.

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It is frequently followed by a minor red light before approaching the train crossing, and both will disappear without understanding.

According to local folklore, a train operator was once beheaded by a train on that exact section of track, leading to the belief that the huge light symbolizes the train and the red light symbolizes the decapitated conductor’s ghost carrying a lamp.

Despite the fact that the line has been stalled for over 30 years and the paths have been removed, the ghostly lights keep appearing.

Disappearance of Louis Le Prince

Celebrated French inventor Louis Le Prince is the target of one of the most strange unresolved train mysteries of all time.

Le Prince vanished without a trace while aboard a train bound for Paris in 1890, never to be seen again.

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Nobody could figure out how a man could suddenly vanish from a rushing train, so the narrative was extremely puzzling.

Railway transport and transit systems, on the other hand, have long been the site of some really intriguing unsolved train mysteries, including unexplained disappearances, deaths, mishaps, and even strange supernatural phenomena.

End Words

All of these events somehow perplexed people about what could have happened to the victim of these train mysteries! That’s why these incidents are still unsolved to this date!!!

Don’t forget to let us know which of these train mysteries made your eyes roll out!!

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