6 Most Unique Unusual Trees You Never Saw

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Maybe you should have pondered the solitary natural beauties that surround you, rising in a range of sizes.

It has been ages, hasn’t it! 

Yes, I’m referring to trees, in particular unusual trees which are natural wonders and a gift to the future of humanity as a whole.

They are essential for the existence of all living beings on this planet since they give air, nourishment, and refuge, as well as maintain the environment and keep the environment healthy.

Although, natural and man-made disasters are always up to remove these beautiful creations from the planet.

Trees first emerged on the face of the Earth about 360 million years ago. There are more than 60,000 plant species on the planet, each with its function.

Most Unusual Trees

I had a wonderful evening exploring to continue writing about this lovely product of earth because I learned a lot of interesting knowledge about unusual trees that I didn’t know beforehand.

But picking just a few from the thousands of beautiful trees in nature was also a challenging effort.

As a result, I had to limit my focus to unusual trees that are physically unique and unfamiliar to most of us; even so, the list is quite a bit long.

Here are a few of the unusual trees that I chose because of their fun and original characteristics. I bet readers will have as much fun reading about them as I loved writing about them!

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Now, this is called an unusual tree for its utter beauty!

The multi-colored layers of wood of this beautiful unusual tree, which is indigenous to the Philippines, give it a hallucinogenic appearance. Because of the irregular rhythm in which it tints its wood, the different phases, and colors of its contact are visible, ranging from greener to deep violet to red to yellow.

Notwithstanding its visual appeal, the tree is constructed for paper production rather than decoration.

Bottle Tree

This is not just an unusual tree but one of the most poisonous trees in the world!

The bottle trees, which are found in Africa and have been characterized as one of the deadliest trees on the planet, get their name from their evident look but are not to be ignored.

Why it is called the deadliest!

Well, the white fluid collected from the tree is exceedingly deadly and was once utilized by Tribespeople as arrow venom.

Now you can get the reason behind the tree’s name.

However, the white and pink blooms that grow from the tree have a crimson center, so it at least looks gorgeous!

Dragon Blood Tree

Arriving on the barren island of Northern and eastern parts off the shore of Yemen is a nightmare, but it’ll be worth it if you’re a tree lover.

The strange, ancient dragon blood trees, an unusual tree that grows on Socotra.

Every raindrop from mist or occasional rain gets distributed to the central core and subsequently to the roots thanks to its pointy umbrella form.

This amazing tree draws inspiration from the frighteningly blood-red liquid that drips from the tree’s wood when it’s chopped or destroyed — it’s a defense against insects and illness, and it was originally thought to be a mystical remedy in 17th-century.

The specimen has been utilized in breath fresheners and love potions in recent years.

The Baobab

The baobabs of central Africa are one of the most blobby and unusual trees on the planet – but that’s because they appear to have been tossed into the Earth upside down, their branches too fragile for their massive width.

Elephants are attracted to these unusual trees because their tails are sponge-like, able to grow as they absorb particularly during the rainy seasons.

To acquire water, these enormous beasts have been observed to rip portions of the branch off. Baobab trees can be found all over southern Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe.

Madagascar is another hotbed for baobabs. Explore a baobab at night if you have the golden chance.

Their blooms then blossom with a sweet and tangy milk smell, causing great excitement among bats and bush babies that rush to sip the plentiful honey while also spreading the seed of the baobab.

All trees have their perks, but the baobab appears to be a marvel. Ropes, carpets, bundles, parchment, linen, stringed instrument strings, and waterproof headgear are all made from crushed wood.

Baobabs are also utilized in a variety of medications to treat renal and kidney disorders, asthma, animal bites, and a variety of other ailments.

The Sandbox Trees

The sandbox trees are thought to be life-threatening.

They are indigenous to North and South America’s tropical environments, especially the Amazon jungle.

They can also be found in Africa. The explosive yet unusual tree is another name for a sandbox tree.

Doesn’t it sound strange?

Yes, it’s strange that the fruits they produce burst, shooting seeds at speeds of up to 160 km/h, allowing them to eventually end up 100 feet away from the tree.

The fruit looks like a little pumpkin, but it acts like an explosive, causing significant injury to anyone who gets within reach.

Aside from that, the massive tree stem is fully covered in dark sharp spikes that are filled with venom and are considered to be extremely lethal to people.

The Crooked Forest

Let me introduce you to a forest which is filled with loads of unusual trees of history! It’s called the crooked forest.

Twisted trees are irregularly shaped pine trees that can be found near the town of Gryfino in Poland.

The twisted forest is steeped in an enigma, with a slew of explanations suggested throughout the centuries, none of which has been proven correct.

As a result, no one knows what caused these trees to be so strangely twisted.

In this forest, all the crooked trees which are about 400 pine trees or so, are bent from their roots at a 90-degree angle!

They all are surprisingly bent north-faced!

The trees were planted in the 1930s and were roughly seven to ten years old when they were subjected to whichever pressure or injury caused the stem bending.

Of course, there are other hypotheses, one of which is that the trees were grown in this manner using a human instrument or skill.

However, none have been established thus far, and the enigma surrounding the crooked trees continues to be a wonder.

Final Words

These were a small list of fascinating yet unusual trees that leave people speechless and mesmerized at the same time.

But, there are always two sides to a coin! As a result of the ever-increasing impacts of human development, the world is on the verge of losing many of the most beloved and stunning species: trees.

Trees are fascinating, growing above the ground, ensuring the protection and purifying the air that we breathe.

Human influence, however, poses a risk to their survival, particularly in the form of deforestation, which destroys 10 million hectares annually. 

Habitat destruction is known to accelerate the spread of infectious illnesses and, more importantly, global warming.

So these large losses might have disastrous repercussions on domestic and global environments.

We as humans should seriously look into the matter and take action to save these weird-looking but beautiful creations of our mother nature!

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