8 Most Creepy Unsolved Murders in History

Elizabeth Short or Black Dahlia

How amazing it would be if we have to live in a world, where we did not have to worry about anything. Just as beautiful as we see through our eyes.

Wish it were true.

Nevertheless, the world is sometimes a bad place to be and to live.

Before the pandemic, it was humans that killed other humans. Serial killers or destructive psychopaths like Ed Gein who had created furniture out of human remains.

Sounds extremely gory! However, it is what it is. The hard truth of the hard world.

Yeah! You guessed it right! We are about to go on such a roller coaster ride that is around history’s most unsettling, unraveling & unexpected events.

And yes, these are the unsolved murders in the world that make people like you and me even today unsettled by its horror.

If you are not much fond of these kinds of gruesome stuff, I would rather suggest you not to take this ride as this is not for the faint-hearted persons.


History’s Most Discussed Unsolved Murders

The world around us is a mystery. The facts that revolve around it over the decades are also a mystery.

Sometimes some mysteries are solved just to quench the human thirst for curiosity.

Some mysteries remaining unsolved create more and more thirst to solve them. Click To Tweet

Therefore, the freaky fanatics like me; let’s unravel my picks for history’s top unsolved murders to give you tonight’s nightmare!

8. JonBenét Patricia Ramsey

Ramsey - unsolved murders

When you first see this little angel’s picture what is, the first thought that came to your mind. Let me guess- What an angel!

Yes, she was and will remain an angel for the people of America.

This is JonBenet and she was an American child beauty queen in the ’90s.

Isn’t that so obvious by her sweet little face?

At the age of mere six, she was brutally murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado.

When she presumably wasn’t found her father, John, found a long handwritten ransom note at their own home.

As a parent their state was devastating.

After she had been reported missing for about seven hours, her body was found in the basement of her own home.

She had suffered a broken skull and was gruesomely strangled to death.

Thus, her death was declared homicide. Some people allegedly suspected her own family of this crime.

Her mother Patsy was accused of writing the letter and her father John was equally accused of this homicide.

But nothing yet proves these allegations stand corrected. Thus the case of this sweet little girl remains open and yet to solve.

Heart-wrenching but the ultimate truth! And it is one of the unsolved murders today.

7. The West Messa Bone Collector

The West Messa Bone Collector
Image by Vice

It is a normal February day.

You continue to do your daily routine, which is taking your dog out for a walk.

While walking you see something sticking out of the ground.

Like any other people, you thought it might be something precious that you luckily got.

But surprise surprise!

That is something that you might never imagine in your wildest dream. That is a bone and to add more to your horror that thing is a human bone!

Yes, that’s not a made-up story. That happened to a woman on February 2, 2009.

Surely, that horrifying discovery changes the history of the United States. But there was yet some thrill left to add.

After the discovery of human bone, the local investigators came, and to their utter shock that’s not just a one-person buried there.

They found 11 women buried there who used to be in the sex industry as sex workers. They all were presumably in their 20s.

All of them mysteriously disappeared between 2003 to 2005.

The burial of the women was in-group and that suggested it was the destruction of a serial killer.

The killing of these female people is considered one of the creepy unsolved crimes of all time.

This particular case remains open because of the failed attempt of the United States to find the killer.

Can you imagine that the serial killer is still roaming free! How horrifying that could be!

You better teach your dog not to dig things on the ground or it may bring a lot of things uncovered that history might not like to add more!

6. Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Killer
Image by Flickr

Can you presume a stable man calls himself a manslayer and take charges of some anonymous murders that were happening around them?

Also, mocked the press news about their failed attempts to search out the killer?

No, right! No stable man would do that unless you are the anonymous, unstable and notorious serial killer.

In the late 60s and early 70s, the Zodiac Killer terrorized Northern California.

He took charges of 5 gruesome murders and confessed he killed 37 people more of whose bodies were not found by police.

His first attack was on December 26, 1968, near Vallejo, California around 11 pm at night-time.

17-year-old David Faraday and 16-year-old Betty Lou Jensen were his first victims. They were shot and killed in an exceedingly parked car.

He was not THE ZODIAC KILLER till then. He was terrorized by his gruesome murders in Benicia, Vallejo, Napa County, and port of entry between December 1968 and October 1969 present.

The killer mainly chooses his victims who are young couples.

From his murder attempts, two men survived and somehow sketched him.

He used to communicate with police and particularly the press through letters, which included cryptograms.

We will presume he wanted to be famous which he still is by his signature name- THE ZODIAC KILLER!

His terror still haunts many people and inspires many people who found him as a role model to be the next zodiac.

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5. The Vanishing of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam - one of the mysterious unsolved murders
Elisa Lam

This is one in all of those cases that stay with you forever in your heart. This one stuck up with me also.

This is also one of the bizarre unsolved murders of all time.

A 21-year-old young girl with aspirations in her eyes decided to go on a trip to California to discover herself.

Like all other young girls, she also wanted to try to do a solo trip. Soon she became a missing case that shook the whole world.

Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old girl on her solo trip to Los Angeles decided to stay at the infamous Cecil Hotel.

That exact hotel has its history of darkness.

People still believe that darkness within Elisa Lam attracts the darkness within Cecil Hotel as she was a tolerant mental disturbance like bipolar.

She was initially offered a shared room with other travelers but thanks to her odd behaviors like keeping a note on each bed written on it-“Leave the room” made other girls feel weird.

After two days she was moved to an area of her own.

February 1, 2013, was the time of her checking out but things had to turn creepier from here.

She didn’t check out. After initial hotel queries, she was reported missing.

The hotel and everything possible were checked to know the whereabouts of Lam but nothing seems to form sense to the police.

In last 2013, on February 19, twenty days after missing, the guests of the hotel started to complain about the low pressure of water and black water coming out of the water taps.

So a hotel staff went upstairs to check the roof’s water tank and that’s it.

Thus she was no longer missing as she was finally been found but floating naked, dead within the water tanks.

Police even found hotel CCTV footage in the elevator of Elisa Lam doing unusual moves and body gestures, which still is very popular among viewers.

You can search for the video of Elisa Lam’s Elevator Video on YouTube or I’m adding the video here.

Despite being such a mystery in itself the police named it an accidental drowning.

But this case is still making people think- What happened to Elisa? No one saw her doing anything?

How did she end up in those water tanks, which is impossible to through because of security alarm and access!

Let’s leave you out there with this conclusion.

4. The Boy in the Box

“America’s Unknown Child” is a bizarre and mysterious case of a boy.

It remains one of the creepy unsolved murders for over 60 years and out of all the theories nothing seems to seek out a conclusive closure to this case.

1957, February 25th, a body of a boy dead alone in a box was found in an illegal dumping ground near Bury road, Philadelphia.

His age was around 4-6 years old.

A mere child of this age was found like this really could shake anyone! The identical happened with America.

He was found naked, wrapped in a blanket.

After the police started the case, they were very hopeful as they thought someone will come and identify his body.

To everyone’s shock, till 2021 no one has ever come to identify him as if this boy never existed!

The boy had severe injuries all over his body which suggested he might have undergone surgery. Head injuries are the cause of death.

Visitors from 10 states tried to identify the body but no one knew him.

The boy’s fingerprint was also tried to match the police but no record of existence came out. And I think this is enough to creep you into this case.

The murder case remains unsolved to this day.

Some people believed that the boy didn’t belong to this world or timeline. Does this fact make you feel bizarre about this case? If yes, well my friend there’s a lot to come next!

Note: You better don’t ignore next time any kind of box that you might think is suspicious.

3. Tamam Shud – The Somerton Man Mystery

Tamam Shud - unsolved murders
Image by Rokna

Beaches are a place where people go to release their stress and enjoy a little more with friends and family.

Well, Assume, you go to a beach with your beloved one, taking a stroll on the seashore.

Suddenly you see a well-dressed man lying against the seawall, legs crossed, seems like sleeping.

What would you assume?

“That’s a drunk man lying there! Couldn’t handle the booze maybe.” Your partner joked by saying that “Must feeling dead to the world, huh!”

That’s the time when you feel that probably you shouldn’t joke around that much as some jokes turned out to be horrifying truth. Some facts are worse than fiction.

Somerton, Australia; 30th November 1948. A man arrived presumably by train in a delayed train station and bought a ticket to Henley beach station.

Later on that day, in the evening some people walking around the beach noticed the man lying there.

So finally they realized that the man is dead.

Doctors said that the man died in sleep because of heart failure and added his suspicion as he could be poisoned as well.

There was no ID, no cash, or any identification thing that can at least identify his name.

Police did their best to know more about this unnamed gentleman-dressed person, but they found nothing.

After some time doctors presumed that this man was poisoned with some very rare poison that soon decomposed after death.

Ultimately leaving no traces in the body.

Being more baffled than ever the police department took his fingerprints and circulate the whole English spoken world but no one identifies him nor any records could.

Very strange, isn’t it!

But something more baffling is yet to come.

The discovery of the body when crossed 4 months, and police found one last most baffling piece of evidence which is a small piece of paper written: “Tamám Shud” printed which was found in the trouser pocket of the dead man.

After the research, the meaning of these words was “It Is Ended or Finished”.

Very very interesting isn’t it?

It was from the last page of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’s book.

Well, as the list is going on right now, this case has also remained one of the mysterious unsolved murders.

Well, will you be more cautious next time walking on the beach? You better be!

2. The Black Fate of Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short or Black Dahlia
Image by Flickr

I’m sure the parents out there love to take their children out in the park in the neighborhood to take a nice little bit.

If you can assume, when you are doing the same, your little daughter went to a place and start to play with things that are lying on the ground.

When you go near you see that’s some discarded mannequin, but if you look closely that’s not what you thought it would be!

What kind of horror would you feel in yourself?

On January 15, 1947, the mutilated body of a young woman was found in an open area of Los Angeles.

This beautiful smiling woman had a nickname called Black Dahlia and unfortunately, she was the presumably discarded mannequin that her neighbor thought.

Over the years over 500 people have confessed to killing her, and none of them were found truthful.

At that time it had become a cult mystery that every people want to know more about.

It’s possibly because of the background of this lady who bore the unusual title of Black Dahlia. Her real name was Elizabeth Short.

At a very early age, she left her home to belong to the glamorous Hollywood industry. She was one of the glamour-seekers in her early 20s.

But life is not a bed of roses, is it? Not for her as well.

She saw that her dream of becoming an actress is breaking pieces to pieces.

After some time left with no prospective job, little money & a broken dream, she turned herself into a prostitute.

She was named Black Dahlia by her male customers because of her beauty and her obsession with the black color.

Before the murder, she was last seen in San Diego with an unidentified man.

Police took some men who had acquaintance with her in the custody but couldn’t prove anything.

Her body was cut completely in halves.

The murderer deep cut her face to make a Glasgow smile.

If it isn’t mad enough, here’s more, police may believe that she was tortured by a mad killer several days before her killing. And then the killer ended up making her mutilated mannequin with a scary smile.

Her mutilated body shows the extent of the killer’s deprivation.

This is still a bizarre murder mystery that is not solved yet. And it is one of the unsolved murders in history.

Black Dahlia always wanted to be famous by entering Hollywood.

In her lifetime she didn’t get the chance but the sadistic killer made her THE infamous history of torment for the world in the history of notorious crime series.

Who would want to be famous in history in this way? Not me!

1. Jack the Ripper

In the late 80s, Britain was terrorized by the haunting of a nightmare. It was not just a nightmare that you open your eyes and see it vanishing into the thin air.

That was a rise of a gruesome serial killer.

People believe that many serial killers found inspiration from him and the way of his killings. History’s till now the most notorious serial killer, He was called Jack the Ripper.

By the name, you have guessed the way of his killings.

Yes, you guessed right. He used to rip off his victims.

People also believe he specialized in butchery sectors by the way of his killings. Let’s dig down!

He started his killings in the east end of London in 1888.

His victims were only prostitutes or sex workers. It seems he used to hate them as he only chooses prostitutes.

People considered him a mad man with no clear motive.

He claimed the lives of up to 11 women.

But only 5 murders are confirmed as the work of the Ripper by the police investigation.

He used to mutilate his victims.

Their throats were cut open, their intestines were removed from their body, thus the way of killing also suggested he was involved with the medical department.

Police left no stone unturned to find out about him but you guys already know the history.

He was never identified. The public was so upset at the failed attempts to find him that the police commissioner and home secretary eventually resigned.

This is a cult classic mystery that still somehow manages to fascinate us.

After 1891, he was believed to be disappeared and never been killed again.

Still, the thought of roaming him free around and enjoying his sadistic killing till he is dead is itself so creepy.

For over 100 years, Jack the ripper has continued to confound the public.

It is the oldest crime in the notorious crime history that has bound the mystery fan lovers together till now.

No wonder, he made it to the top of our list of unsolved murders.

We can finally say that Jack the Ripper’s secrets are now buried with him in his grave. Unrest in peace!

Some Special Shoutouts

In the above list, we have seen history’s notorious crimes that normal people can’t imagine in their wildest dreams.

These are at the same time unsolved murders, which creates much more curiosity among us.

Below we are going to mention some more names of unsolved murders that are as baffling as the above list!

➨ The Death of Edgar Allen Poe,
➨ The Hinterkaifeck Murders,
➨ Tupac & the Notorious B.I.G,
➨ Axeman of New Orleans, and
➨ Long Island Serial Killer.

These were some names of unsolved murders & infamous special mentions in this list. It is fascinating as well as horrifying!

Final Words

We all are somehow fascinated by the mystery of the horror genre. We indeed want to get surprised by the movies we choose in this particular genre.

In the bloody scenes, someone gets murdered brutally and we enjoy it with popcorn as we know the mystery of this will unveil real quickly in 1 or 2 hours.

But what happens when your fascination with murder mysteries gets real that with too much brutality.

And you are not getting the questions being answered like for 100 years or so.

In this list, we have re-introduced you to some of these notorious crimes and unsolved murders that still shakes people’s soul.

These were some creepy crimes that happened around us and were too twisted to be solved.

I would say some things are good to keep as mystery as nature wants it that way.

Let’s talk about the task after this reading,

Watch underneath your bed and do let me know in the comment section below whom may you have seen? Did you solve any of the above mysteries!

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