Top 11 Weird World Records in History

Ilker Yilmaz - weird world records

Natural and manmade world events that are dramatic, unusual, and magnificent are often intertwined with record-breaking attempts.

Guinness World Records is the officially recognized certifying authority for every effort at a record holder.

It was first published in 1955 as a result of a debate over which sport species was the fastest for hunting.

Guinness World Records was also the first organization of its type, measuring and documenting remarkable and daring human achievements.

The Guinness Book of Records honored those people who have made history by winning such titles that no one ever obtained!

These world records are associated with many titles from the largest cruise ships to weird human activities!

Some have set several of the strangest, oddest, and weird world records that have ever existed in humankind!

And when I say “weird world records,” I mean it guys! You are going to know a bit about this statement…

Weird World Records

The weird world records that we are covering today are sometimes beyond our imagination and it might make you feel discomfort and mesmerize at the same time.

So, I have already warned you, now it’s up to you if you want to miss these crazy rides of weird world record holders or not!

The world’s largest stretchiest skin

Gary Turner stretchiest skin
Gary Turner | Image by Wikimedia Commons

How much can you enlarge your skin?

Sounds damn inappropriate to ask other fellow humans but this weird world record has forgotten how to not make you feel cringe and discomfort in your own body!

Gary Turner currently holds this weird world Record for the stretchiest skin. He is a carnival entertainer from the U.k.

If you are thinking he can due to his superpowers then let me clarify this is a rare health condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Disorder, he can stretch his stomach skin up to 6 inches.

Ehlers-Danlos Disorder is an interconnected disease characterized by skin loosening and hyper-mobile joints caused by a protein deficit.

When he spreads his skin, he doesn’t even feel any discomfort.

His doctor simply stated that he had loose skin when he was delivered. That was the only indicator of his predicament.

Whatever this is but the title deserved him!

The longest fingernails in the world

Lee Redmond - longest nails
Lee Redmond | Image by Flickr

Now, this is one of the weird world records that set aside my comfort and somehow question cleanliness.

Be warned!

What if this weird world record makes you discomfort as well… Lee Redmond from the United States spent over 30 years growing her fingernails long.

She first started expanding her fingernails in 1979. And, in case you’re curious, her fingernails are a total of over 28 feet long.

Once every few years, she was published in an English tabloid paper, which kept records of her nail growth.

Even though she intended to have her nails trimmed off in 2006, she kept them.

While certain chores, such as having to put on a big jacket, were challenging for her since she had long fingernails, she said she managed her daily life without problems.

If we talk about it now, she doesn’t have that weird world record anymore as she had an accident in a car and she broke her long-maintained nails.

But she also stated that now it is much easier to live life and do all the tasks of daily life more efficiently. I mean, C’mon! it’s much easier for her to put on nail paints now!

Having the highest number of teaspoons on a human’s anatomy

Dalibor Jablanovic
Dalibor Jablanovic

The title says it all, doesn’t it!

After knowing this story, you tell me in the comments below why it shouldn’t include in today’s list of weird world records.

Dalibor Jablanovic is from Serbia. He has achieved the unthinkable in 2016 by gaining the weird world record Guinness book of world record title of having the highest number of teaspoons on a human’s anatomy!

You heard me correct, no need to read again! He was able to keep 79 teaspoons balanced on his torso.

During the experiment, he used a variety of sizes.

For this weird world record, he was called the magnetic man! Why not!!!

The loudest female burp

Elisa Cagnoni

Burping is a common human behavior that is sometimes seen as a symbol of a complete meal.

Little did we know that we are about to hear something like this as a winning title for weird world record history!

Allegedly, Elisa Cagnoni recorded the world’s loudest feminine burp in 2009, with a total of 107.0 decibels.

It’s more like hearing a power drill from a distance of 3 ft similar.

Every year at Hardrock Fest was used to held in Italy.

In that fest, there is a festival called “Ruttosound.” Used to be held. It was a burping contest held at the festival to generate funds for charity.

And this young girl did the mesmerizingly weird thing there and won the title of the loudest female burp!

Most Piercings in a Lifetime

Elaine Davidson - weird world records
Elaine Davidson | Image by Wikimedia Commons

Now this one seems to be one of the horrifying and weird world records!

Why! Well, you will know now…

If we go by the Guinness Book of world records, the lady whose name is Elaine Davidson is officially called the “Lady who has the most piercing on her whole body.”

Elaine Davidson got obsessed after her first flesh piercing in the year of 1997. As of 2006, this unbelievable lady had pierced herself on a total of 4,225 occasions.

According to the Guinness World Records website, she is always changing personal ornaments, mainly on her forehead, but she also adores tattooing, cosmetics, and flowers in her hairstyle.

Here are some interestingly weird facts about her. 

When she was re-examined by Guinness World Records in the year 2001, she was found to have more than 700 piercings!

Don’t waste your shocking expressions yet… here are some extra doses of shock!

She had more piercings in her genitalia area than any other specific area of the body. So the total exterior and internal piercings are now 500.

Her inner piercings are believed to measure around 3 kg in total. Okay! I give up! Cant shock you more!

Largest Hairy Family

This weird world record is not obtained by 1 person but by 4 persons of the same family!

A family consists of four members in Mexico that encompasses five ancestors and everyone afflicted with hereditary widespread hypertrichosis.

Excessive face and body hair are symptoms of the illness. Females have lighter coats, whereas men have long curly hair covering ninety percent of their bodies.

Larry and Danny are now performing in the National Carnival of Mexico.

In addition, the extended family has aided experts in their research into the hereditary etiology of CGH (Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis). Painful but weird indeed!

Milk splashing from an eye

Ilker Yilmaz - weird world records
Ilker Yilmaz | Image from Guinness World Records

I’m going to have a hard time explaining to you guys this extremely weird world record of Ilker Yilmaz.

I mean the title will make you laugh and you are also going to have a hard time believing this stuff!

However, let’s continue! The human species is riddled with anomalies.

Some folks, for example, can shoot water from their eyes.

But isn’t it triggering people like you and me that what possibly could have caused the people who are actually into these kinds of activities?

It seems that squirting fluid from one’s eye places stress on a sac in the tip of the nose (where eyeglasses usually rest) that holds fluid flowing from the eyeballs.

Normally, this fluid empties into the respiratory tract.

When a person cries, for example, this is why their nasal becomes runny — Eye squirting is more prevalent than you might imagine; all you have to do is give it a try.

(Well, don’t!)

Ilker Yilmaz was crowned champion for this weird world record by Guinness in 2004. Yilmaz spilled milk from his eye at a remarkable distance of 9 ft. 2 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Most “gurning” world championship

Anne Woods - weird world records
Anne Woods | Image from Guinness World Records

This weird world record is indeed tough to achieve. So by the end of the story don’t forget to say cheers for Anne!

At a young age, a lady called Anne Woods won the World Frowning Championship. Take a wild guess how many times she could have won this title?

She won the same title 28 times!

For those who don’t know what a gurning championship is, let me tell you it is a challenge to make the participant’s most hideous, deformed face imaginable.

While doing all these they have to squeeze their face inside!

The competition is conducted every year as part of the Crab Fair in Egremont, Cambria. Woods, a 1947 resident of Egremont, began sniggering in 1977 when her relatives suggested it as a prank.

Despite her nervousness, she was chosen as the winner.

She had only skipped one Crab Fair after her debut, when she was expecting her child, Brenda. She has won the title on 27 occasions since the 2010 carnival.

Her record holder was ultimately confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records in November 2010 after many years of requesting acknowledgment for her accomplishments.

Her record holder was ultimately confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records in November 2010 after many years of requesting acknowledgment for her accomplishments. Cheers to Anne!

The largest steel coil went via the nostril and out the mouth

Andrew Stanton
Andrew Stanton | Image from Guinness World Records

Just by looking at the picture and the tile is making me feel sick and this guy won this weird world record!

Andrew Stanton is a Las Vegas stage artist. By breaking a weird world record, he made possible something nearly unprecedented.

He earned a Guinness Book of world records titled the aforementioned one in 2012. The largest steel coil went via the nostril and out the mouth broke the record.

Stanton managed to fall a metal object length of 11′ 10′′ via his nose, which is unbelievable but true. This guy has some guts; I tell you that!

Popping eyeballs from the eye socket

Kim Goodman - weird world records
Kim Goodman | Image from Guinness World Records

No, this isn’t a horror movie title!

This is the next weird world record title that another brave lady won!

Kim Goodman, a lady who lives in the United States can pop her eyeballs out of her head.

After getting smacked in the face by a hockey mask, Kim realized she could pop her eyeballs out of her skull.

That’s incredible, isn’t it!

An accident made her realize that her weird but the ability to pop your eyeballs out of your head is known as proptosis.

Kim set a new world record when she burst her eyes 12 mm out of their sockets in Turkey in 2007.

An ophthalmologist measured the benchmark 3 times with an optometer to find the average distance.

Facts apart, I’m going to have a nightmare of popping out her eyeballs!

World’s longest-lasting kiss

Let’s end this series of weird world records with a more romantic yet weird note!

A Thailand couple gained this weird yet romantic title after kissing each other for over 46 hours straight! they were married.

A husband and wife duo were among 14 couples competing in an event in Bangkok. The pair took home a £1,016 diamond ring as well as a cash reward of £2,032.

The couple started locking lips at 6:00 a.m. local time on Sunday, and the winners were declared shortly before dawn on Tuesday.

Applicants had to be married or in a serious relationship, with documentation in the form of a marriage certificate or a statement from both families.

They could eat, drink, and use the restroom as long as they didn’t break their contact. There was no sitting or sleeping allowed, and one lady fainted after only half an hour of battle.

It’s not simple to stand there for the same length and smooch. They must genuinely guide and support each another.

A couple from Germany set the previous record for the longest prolonged smooch in 2009, clocking in at just over 32 hours.

Final Words

These were some pretty weird but fascinating world records that were broken by normal people who have some abnormal abilities due to illness, accident, or just as their obsession!

Some are hard to believe and some are hard to look at! Some are dangerous to try and some are hilarious to exist!

Do let me know which one you loved the most from the list!  So now you know of 11 incredible and weird World Records.

How plenty more is there you’re completely unaware of?

Many milestones are still waiting to be broken, so pick your expertise and try your hand at one immediately.

Who knows you might win some undiscovered title yet to win, well I’m going to try my expertise to sleep in the records.

Who knows, you might see my record in news someday!

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